‘It was sink or swim’: Kentucky teen Chloe Adams says she ‘prepared for death' during flood

‘It was sink or swim’: Kentucky teen Chloe Adams says she ‘prepared for death' during flood
Chloe Adams and her pup waited several hours before they were saved by her cousin (Facebook/ Terry Adams)

WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY: A teen girl from Whitesburg, Kentucky has said that she “prepared for death” as she got stuck inside her home alone with only her dog by her side during the deadly floods. Chloe Adams was reportedly left with no choice but to make decisions on her own for herself and her pet Sandy as Kentucky's catastrophic downpours continued to take lives. The current death toll is reported to be 37.

The 17-year-old swam through the dangerous moving water to reach a neighbor's rooftop and waited there for several hours with her pup in the rainstorm before help arrived. Sharing her story, Chloe told DailyMail.com: “When I realized I had to get out I instantly began to put a plan together to get me and my dog out safely. I tested to see if Sandy would be able to swim and when she couldn't I looked for floating objects that would safely get her across.”


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The teenager went on to explain, “I first tried her dog bed and that quickly sunk, so then I tried a plastic container but she was too heavy for that, then I found a couch cushion and put the plastic container on top allowing her to get across the waters safely. Of course all this was very scary and stressful, just I knew I needed to focus on getting out instead of panicking. It was sink or swim.”

The brave girl also stated that “what was going through my head was that I needed to save my dog Sandy. I was not leaving her behind, so that whole time I was just thinking of a plan. And sadly at some points during this traumatic experience, I was also trying to prepare for death because I didn't think Sandy and I were going to make it out.”

As per reports, Chloe had been living with her grandparents but tragically during the time of the crisis, she got separated from them. Though her relatives kept boosting her morale from a nearby home while she struggled, she was eventually saved by a cousin in a kayak. She added: “I had to swim from my sliding door deck to my neighbor's garage building roof. I'm currently staying at my grandmother's house until further notice. My dad and I lost our home.”

Chloe‘s father Terry Adams took to Facebook to praise her daughter while posting a photo of her with her darling dog. He wrote, "My daughter is safe and whole tonight. She saved her dog by putting her in a container that would float and then swam with her to a neighboring rooftop. She waited hours until she could be rescued. She is a hero. I love you Chloe. You are simply amazing. Thank you Larry; words are not enough. We lost everything today…everything except what matters most.”



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Terry also tagged a GoFundMe link with the post to raise funds amid the difficult time. At the time of writing, the fundraiser has covered $7,843 out of its $20,000 goal. The page has also attracted a lot of good wishes from people with one saying, “Chloe, you are my hero! You are a wise young lady and I am so proud of how you handled this crisis. Much love to you and your sweet Sandy girl. May your family’s recovery be swift. May your faith be strong. We already know you possess incredible love.” Another commented, “I don’t even know you, but I’m so impressed with how brave you are and that you cared about saving your dog too!”

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