'It: Chapter Two' star Jeremy Ray Taylor warns you may need adult diapers to get through the film

Jeremy plays the role of Ben Hanscom in the 'It' series. In 'Chapter 2' the grown-up version of Ben will be played by Jay Ryan

                            'It: Chapter Two' star Jeremy Ray Taylor warns you may need adult diapers to get through the film

The adult Losers are preparing for their epic final showdown against Pennywise at their hometown of Derry on ‘It: Chapter Two’ and in case you are wondering if the upcoming horror thriller will live up to the first installment, then you definitely need to read what Jeremy Ray Taylor aka young Ben Hanscom has to say. The young star, who claims to “get scared way too easily” tells Meaww that he agrees with the ’It Chapter 2’ director, Andy Muschietti's warning: "You should bring your adult diapers." 

Jeremy says that working on the franchise has been a “surreal” experience and that its success is all thanks to the fans. However, he has not read ‘It’ or any other Stephen King books, on account of him being too young. Even though his parents agreed to let him read the book, “I wouldn't because I'm a chicken,” he jokes.  

‘It: Chapter 2,’ which is set for release on 6 September 2019, will see Jeremy reprise his role as the incessantly bullied overweight “Loser” Ben, who is an architectural genius. He says, “Going back to the set was like going to a family reunion. The cast and crew are like family.” 


With regards to the fellow losers Sophia Lillis (aka Beverly Marsh), Finn Wolfhard (aka Richie Tozier), Chosen Jacobs (aka Mike Hanlon), Jack Dylan Grazer (aka Eddie Kaspbrak), Jaeden Lieberher (aka Bill Denbrough) and Wyatt Oleff (aka Stan Uris) he says, “It is hugs all around when we reunite. The losers' have definitely built a real friendship and we spend lots of time together on and off set. We became lifelong friends' moments after we met.”

In the upcoming ‘It: Chapter 2’ adult Ben is played by Jay Ryan, best known for his role as the beast in the CW series ‘Beauty & the Beast.’  “Jay Ryan and I did sit down and talk about our character. Our acting coach, Ben Perkins, had us do a speed dating kind of game with our adult characters,” reveals Jeremy, who reveals that the experience taught the both of them a lot about each other.  


He is also very excited to see what Jay brings to the character. “He is the perfect choice to play the adult Ben!” gushes Jeremy, who is excited to meet all his fans at the Rhode Island, Argentina, and Mexico Comic Cons.  

The young actor, who has an illustrious career - which possibly involves directing as well - ahead of him, is hopeful of working with the likes of Hugh Jackman, Kevin James, and Denzel Washington. He did get to work with one of his biggest heroes, Jack Black, on ‘Goosebumps’ films so it is only a matter of time before this talented star checks of the other names in his wishlist.