Is Zoe Kravitz bagging lead in gender-swapped remake of 'High Fidelity' the right fit for her

Kravitz is also execiutive producing the with a 10-episode order, that is going ot arrive at Disney's upcoming streaming service in 2019.

                            Is Zoe Kravitz bagging lead in gender-swapped remake of 'High Fidelity' the right fit for her

The latest role bagged by Big Little Lies' free-spirit, Bonnie Carlson, aka Zoe Kravitz, is that of the lead in the series adaptation of 'High Fidelity' which is set to arrive at Disney’s upcoming streaming service in 2019. The original movie, released in 2000, has a cult following of sorts because of its portrayal of Rob Gordon by John Cusack, based on a book by Nick Hornby.

Rob was the quintessential music obsessed nice guy who dreams of owning his own record store. Yet somehow, he struck the fine balance between nerdy and cool, and happened to bed numerous women without any difficulty. And now, Kravitz - whose mother had starred in the original film - is going to play Gordon's role in the upcoming series that will be told from a female point of view.

Variety reports the series has received a 10-episode order and will also be executive produced by Kravitz - which brings us to the ultimate question: Is this the perfect role for Kravitz who has done back-to-back feminist roles onscreen so far?  Well - taking a first glance at the news does give off the vibe of some sort of latent feminism since the original story follows Gordon meeting up with his ex-girlfriends just to get over his latest break up. Quite harmless initially, but here's the catch: He does it with the prospect of sleeping with them still hanging on his mind. 

The issue was addressed in a recent article by the Vice, where they pointed out, "Rob Gordon was, in fact, a terrible human—a sociopathic womanizer, a stalker ex, and a shitty boyfriend." They have gone into the details of exploring just how apathetically his every move was driven - including him "patting himself on the back for not taking advantage of an emotionally unstable woman for the purpose of revenge."

While the exact agenda of Kravitz's character in the upcoming series remake of the film hasn't been revealed, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that if it is based anything along the lines of the original portrayal of Rob Gordon, then the role will be no better than a high functioning, man-hating sociopath, driven by the idea of revenge and playing the victim card.

Which comes as a shocker because so far, almost all of Kravitz' roles have been poster kids of feminism.

She recently starred in HBO's highly acclaimed show Big Little Lies, where she plays the boho-chic free-spirited Bonnie Carlson. The character's plot paints a wonderful evolution from being rivals with her husband's ex-wife (Reese Witherspoon), to eventually becoming her accomplice - that too out of a better judgment.  She stands up for Nicole Kidman's character, hand in hand with Witherspoon's and does the unthinkable to save the former's life. 

Which brings back memories of her role in the 2016 remake of the cult classic, 'Mad Max: Fury Road.' The movie is known for its themes of dethroning toxic masculinity, and Kravitz as Toad, the Knowing played one of the wives trying to escape from the tyrant reigning in the dystopian world. She fights for her life and her sister lives' too, etching a very empowering role on screen.

Kravitz's other roles include those in 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,' the 'Divergent' franchise, and 'Dope.' In Divergent, she plays Christina -  strong, outspoken woman, whose presence can be felt even though she's not the lead. At the same time, in Dope, she played Nakia - an extremely layered character, for whom multifaceted in a massive understatement. She goes from snarky sexy to ridiculous and tender - a portrayal which Kravitz was highly commended for.

So after all these powerful, empowering roles - it's really hard to draw a line connecting her upcoming female version of 'High Fidelity's Rob Gordon, but knowing Kravitz - hopefully, she will spin it with her own signature style and make it worth a refreshing watch. There's also Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka assigned ot write the TV-remake, and the two will be executive producing alongside Midnight Radio’s Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Jeff Pinkner, and Scott Rosenberg.

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