Is Zayn Malik on WooPlus? Viral video suggests he joined dating app to meet 'curvy girl'

WooPlus is a 'dating app for curvy people to find and enjoy love,' according to the website

                            Is Zayn Malik on WooPlus? Viral video suggests he joined dating app to meet 'curvy girl'
Zayn Malik allegedly signed up for a dating app called WooPlus after splitting with Gigi Hadid (Mike Coppola/Getty Images, YouTube/inZAYN)

British pop-star Zayn Malik has apparently signed up for a dating app called WooPlus, where he can meet “big beautiful women”, months after splitting with Gigi Hadid. WooPlus is a “dating app for curvy people to find and enjoy love,” according to the website. Recently, profile of a bearded person named Zed has caught social media by storm in a video that has gone viral. The individual has a striking resemblance to the former One Direction member. Despite the fact that Malik has yet to reply, people on the Internet couldn't help but notice the remarkable likeness between him and the man in the profile.

In order to make an account on the WooPlus app, users must verify their identity via facial recognition technology, which made fans believe that it’s a legit profile even more. The dating app employs facial recognition technology to authenticate users' identities, and a video of the singer participating in a face recognition challenge was posted online. However, as soon as the video became viral on social media, followers of the 28-year-old musician were rushed to demand that it be taken down, claiming that the clip was invading the privacy of Zayn Malik.


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Many supporters, on the other hand, praised his decision, saying he deserved to find love and urging people to leave him alone. Some people questioned the veracity of the viral video because they couldn't believe a celebrity of his status would be on a dating app. Malik's 2016 interview with Billboard has resurfaced where he expressed his preference for 'fuller ladies,' stating, “I like girls that are a bit chunky in certain areas — the nice areas. I like a fuller woman.”





Malik, who has been in a romantic relationship with the supermodel Gigi Hadid and has a daughter with her, broke up with her last year following a fight with her mother Yolanda. He made news after it was reported that he had attacked Hadid's mother, and he stated that he would not “contest the claim” for the sake of his daughter. Previously, the singer dated models Neelam Gill and Perrie Edwards.

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