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'Is this a joke?': 'RHOBH' fans squash Lisa Rinna's claims of feeling 'traumatized' by Kathy Hilton's shouting

'Lisa Rinna who has screamed & humiliated people for multiple seasons thinks she was traumatized?!?! Is this a joke? #rhobh,' asked a fan
UPDATED OCT 27, 2022
'RHOBH' stars Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna (Bravo)
'RHOBH' stars Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna (Bravo)

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: After watching Lisa Rinna go after several housewives on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' (thinking of you Kim Richards, Denise Richards, Yolanda Hadid) when she claimed that she was "traumatized" by Kathy Hilton's "shouting" and "psychotic break", fans were left feeling amused.

Part three and final segment of 'RHOBH' Season 12 kicked off with the friend of housewives aka Kathy finally joining the ladies on the couch. The reunion's host- Andy Cohen wasted no time in immediately getting to the issue on everyone's mind- the Aspen cast trip drama. Andy finally asked Kathy what happened during the Aspen trip. When Kathy shared her side of the story about being snubbed by the manager of the club and leaving the place angrily, Rinna chimed in and reminded the Hilton matriarch about her "psychotic break."


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Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards in a still from 'RHOBH' Reunion (Bravo)
Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards in a still from 'RHOBH' Reunion (Bravo)

According to Rinna, Kathy began shouting and "stomping" on the ground while cussing all her co-stars and threatening to destroy her sister Kyle Richards and her family. Andy was puzzled as to why Rinna kept inserting herself between the sisters, to which the soap opera star responded by claiming she was traumatized by Kathy's behavior. The housewife claimed that watching Kathy shout and scream impacted her deeply and triggered her. When an amused Andy pointed out that she too screamed at other cast members in the past, Rinna simply replied asking "so?" 

After watching Rinna's blatantly hypocritical behavior, several fans took to Twitter to call her out for throwing around heavy words like "trauma" so lightly. A fan tweeted, "Kathy’s meltdown traumatized her, but her screaming, trying to choke out Kim? Her daughters’ trauma? oh Rinna. #RHOBH #RHOBHMeanGirls." "Rinna, stop it with the trauma game. #RHOBH can we fire her on the reunion," questioned a fan. "Rinna's story doesn't hold up about being traumatized and needing to lock herself in her room. Miss "I will take you down" who is always trying to shit stir. Girl bye. I don't believe her. Kathy was probably pissed, but I think Erika and Rinna exaggerated. #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion," wrote a fan. "Rinna saying she’s traumatized because Kathy “attacked” her is pretty ironic.. She threw a glass at Kim and reached for her neck.. #RHOBH," recounted a fan.





Lisa Rinna on 'RHOBH' (Bravo)
Lisa Rinna on 'RHOBH' (Bravo)

Another fan shared, "ABUSED? TRAUMATIZED? WAY WORSE THAN KIM? Rinna better go back to wearing the diapers she sold cause she’s full of it #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion." "Kathy admits to having been pissed but we’re still supposed to believe that she had a “psychotic break” that traumatized Lisa Rinna but this manipulative bargain basement Kardashian never bothered to take out her phone to record any of it? #RHOBH #RHOBHreunion," questioned a fan. "Rinna saying she was traumatized and abused and has seen the devil is SO DRAMATIC. She berated Sutton at a charity dinner. Now THAT’S the devil. #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion," pointed out a fan. "Lisa Rinna who has screamed & humiliated people for multiple seasons thinks she was traumatized?!?! Is this a joke? #rhobh," asked a fan.





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