Is Netflix's 'Squid Game' having Season 2? Truth about hints makers are dropping

After 'Squid Game' ranked #1 on Netflix in more than 90 countries, is Season 2 coming soon?

                            Is Netflix's 'Squid Game' having Season 2? Truth about hints makers are dropping
After fans around the world went gaga over 'Squid Game', there is a lot of buzz around its sequel (Netflix)

Spoliers for 'Squid Game'

South Korean dystopian drama 'Squid Game' has suddenly become a global phenomenon but after watching how the show ended, fans are wondering if the show should be renewed for a second season after more theories develop and glaring questions are asked.

The 9-episode K-drama ended leaving fans wanting for more as opposed to the regular 16-episode format of the genre. There are many questions in fans' minds, including how Junho went without charging his phone for four days straight and who the character played by actor Gong Yoo was. Viewers are also curious about what is in store for the ones who were left behind now that the show has come to an end.


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What is 'Squid Game' about?

With everything and yet, nothing on the line, 456 players put their insignificant lives at stake for the 'go big or go home' situation. Only that, they do not go home. But the price money is a large sum that could change their lives. Netflix's 'Squid Game' has now taken over the world as 90 countries watched the show together, giving it the number 1 spot on the platform.

'Squid Game' follows a seemingly simple format where penniless citizens put their lives on the line as they play the same games they played as children with a life or death twist to it while affluent VIPs watch and bet on the lives of the innocent and the poor. After showing the disparity between classes with the movie 'Parasite', South Korean makers have highlighted the stark differences between the rich and the poor again with 'Squid Game'.


Will 'Squid Game' have a Season 2?

'Squid Game' has been compared with the Japanese live-action 'Alice in Borderland' and the Hollywood film series 'Hunger Games' and talks about a second season already do the rounds on social media.

After he revealed that what seemed to the world like an overnight success was in the works for almost over a decade, Hwang Donghyuk, the creator of 'Squid Game', is a testimony of the fact that good things come to those who are patient. He suggested that the show was passed over by production companies and studios because of its dark and gruesome themes.


Hints of Season 2

Hwang Donghyuk's struggle to make the show see the light of day seems worth it now that it has been doing so well within a month of its release. While Netflix has made no official announcement about a new season and makers and actors of the show are tight-lipped about what is in store for the show, Netflix's global TV head Bela Bajaria has hinted that conversations surrounding a second season are ongoing.

Even without official confirmation from any source, Bela Bajaria mentioned that since Hwang Donghyuk is currently working on other projects, a second season of the show is possible but not really in the near future. Hwang Donghyuk himself hasn't confirmed that there will be a second season of the show either, but, he teased a potential future turn the storyline would take leading fans into believing that perhaps Detective Junho was in fact, alive.


The potential storyline for the second season can be focussed on police inaction and abuse as there is a lot of inside information that Junho was able to extract. While talking about this prospective take for the second season, Donghyuk said, "I think the issue with police officers is not just an issue in Korea. I see it on the global news. This was an issue that I wanted to raise. Maybe in season two, I can talk about this more."

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