Is Jeopardy! RIGGED? Megan Wachspress' 6th game win in rare ‘lucky’ move has fans crying foul

Is Jeopardy! RIGGED? Megan Wachspress' 6th game win in rare ‘lucky’ move has fans crying foul
After Megan Wachspress won her sixth game, fans speculate Jeopardy! is rigged (Jeopardy!/YouTube)

Jeopardy! champion Megan Wachspress won her sixth game on Tuesday, June 21. Viewers and audiences have labeled this a ridiculously rare move and they think the game hosted by Mayim Bialik may be rigged. Wachspress is an attorney in Berkeley, California, and has won $60K in total after her sixth win. 

This prime-time show is currently hosted by Bialik, 46 since Ken Jennings', the OG host announced that he would be 'out for months'. The permanent host will be decided by the end of season 38 in the following month, 2022.


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While fans constantly wondered about the low figure, the Final Jeopardy! left them in a state of shock. This is one of the two reasons why fans speculate that the show may be rigged. The first category of questions was 'Geography' and the first-time player Rob was mapping out victory. The middle podium player had $16.5K to returning champ Wachspress' $8.4K after doing quite nicely in Double Jeopardy and winning over many internet users as a teaching physician who fit the bill.

The correct answer was 'Archapelego' which only Wachspress had a clue of. Wagering her $201 she made $8601 but the contender Rob wagered $7901 and lost by a minuscule amount of $2.

A user Tweeted, "God loves us all, but MEGAN WACHSPRESS is most definitely His favorite. #Jeopardy"


Another claimed, "Gotta say Megan Wachspress is one of the luckiest #Jeopardy champions ever"


This user shared a logical explanation saying, "Megan Wachspress may not be racking up the big $$$ on #Jeopardy during her TOC-qualifying run, but it isn’t just luck. She really knows how to wager in final by calculating minimal risk for herself, and properly assessing what her opponents will wager. Those are poker skills."


Another joked, "Someone, many years ago, cursed Megan Wachspress to be slaved to this Jeopardy set. She can't lose, no matter how much she tries"


This viewer couldn't believe how Wachspress won by just $2 and said, "Megan Wachspress’ streak on Jeopardy right now is maybe more insane than @KenJennings’s run just by how insanely unlikely it has been. She’s won three Jeopardy games by $2! Two was insane. Three is just bonkers"


"Haven't seen luck like Megan Wachspress is having on Jeopardy since the old Mr. Magoo cartoons," said another.


Luckiest Jeopardy! champ ever?

Megan Wachspress has had luck on her side throughout her stint on the long-running game show. This became clear on Friday, June 17, when contestant Sadie Goldberger appeared to win the game until a controversial call by judges deemed her correct Final Jeopardy! answer illegible, meaning Wachspress was announced the winner.

Wachspress' good fortune continued on Monday, June 20, as she headed into the Final Jeopardy! against contestant Tory Leviton, who had a slight lead over the reigning champ. Both contestants answered incorrectly, but Wachspress won the episode as Leviton wagered more of his earnings, leaving the lawyer with her head in her hands over the miraculous victory.

She herself to Twitter on Monday evening explaining how embarrassed she felt about getting the Final Jeopardy! question wrong despite it covering an era she had studied for her dissertation.


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