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Jeopardy! fans crush on player Sean McGrath: 'Jude Law and Tom Hiddleston's love child'

Sean McGrath, a middle school teacher from Washington, DC, impressed many despite being last of the three contestants
Middle school teacher Sean McGrath has impressed Jeopardy! fans (Twitter)
Middle school teacher Sean McGrath has impressed Jeopardy! fans (Twitter)

There's a new 'Jeopardy!' contestant in town and fans of the American television game show cannot stop drooling over him. Mayim Bialik, who is hosting the show for the fifth week in a row, introduced Sean McGrath, a teacher with a major injury.

McGrath, who teaches at Paul Public Charter School in DC, explained how he broke his foot on the dancefloor at a friend's wedding. "So I take music literally, and Backstreet Boys came on and they said, Rock your Body, and I crushed my foot. I had to crawl to the hospital... was in a boot for six weeks, and then I was back out on the dancefloor," he explained.


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Sean appeared on the show along with two other contestants - Allison and Eric.

"Eric went $600-$800-True Daily Double in ANCIENT HISTORY to open and then picked up four more correct responses before the first commercial break. After the break was more Eric, with our defending champion picking up 13 correct responses over the entire round (though Allison and Sean were playing well, they were both well behind after 30 clues.)" reports The Jeopardy Fan.

"The game was pretty much decided on Clue #2 of Double Jeopardy; Eric went for an $8,800 True Daily Double and hit it to take a very commanding lead. Again, while Allison and Sean played well, their respective performances were no match for Eric today, and the game was pretty much over on Clue 13 after Eric picked up another $5,000 on the game’s final Daily Double. The scores going into Final saw Eric at $32,600, Allison at $10,400, and Sean at $5,800," the website adds.

Meanwhile, Jeopardy! fans were busy crushing on the middle school teacher from Washington, DC. One user tweeted, "Sean looks like Jude Law and Tom Hiddleston had a love child. #Jeopardy" Another said, "Sean on #Jeopardy tonight really reminds me of Michael Mando! Similar voice and facial expressions.." A third wrote, "Sean kinda cute. #Jeopardy," with a thumbs-up gif.




A fourth added, "One of tonight’s #Jeopardy contestants is making me feel things… down there." A fifth mused, "I hope someone saved a month on the Hot Men of Jeopardy calendar for Sean McGrath." Michael Toughill, a former Jeopardy! player suggested, "J! Spinoff Idea: Stephenie Meyer, Sean, and I are living in a mansion together. I have not thought of the rest of the show, but I mean, that's enough, right? #Jeopardy #NewMoon."




Previously, fans of the game show were disappointed to see Ryan Long, a rideshare driver, lose after 16 wins and the ninth-longest streak on Jeopardy! ever. Defeated in the last round, he made a total of $299K in earnings from the show. "These famous Philadelphians got nothing on you, Ryan!" tweeted the official Jeopardy! account.