Is Jennifer Rubin anti-White? WaPo writer trolled for looking to 'prevent minority White rule'

Jennifer Rubin called for a more a diverse society and said it was fabulous news that the White alone population in the US fell by 8.6% since 2010

                            Is Jennifer Rubin anti-White? WaPo writer trolled for  looking to 'prevent minority White rule'
Jennifer Rubin slammed for celebrating drop in White US population, dubbed 'anti-White' on the Internet (MSNBC/YouTube)

Jennifer Rubin has come under fire for hailing the drop in white population in the United States. The first detailed results of the 2020 census indicated that the white population shrank for the first time ever. The US census bureau said the white-alone population fell by 8.6% since 2010. Currently, non-Hispanic whites account for around 58% of the country's population which is a sizable drop from 2010 when they made up 63.7% of the population. It's the first time ever that the non-Hispanic white population has fallen below 60% since the census began, according to a Guardian report.

Washington Post's columnist Jennifer Rubin celebrated the news tweeting, "A more diverse, more inclusive society. This is fabulous news. Now we need to prevent minority White rule." A couple of days ago Rubin was trolled on the Internet for cheering "first NY woman governor EVER" as Kathy Hochul prepared to replace Andrew Cuomo who stepped down amidst sexual harassment allegations. Twitter users reminded her of the time she declared herself an "Andrew Cuomo Democrat" and the time she called him "magnificent" and the instance where she praised Cuomo's daughters for eating their "spaghetti and meatballs".





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Jennifer Rubin dubbed 'anti-white' for celebrating drop in white population

Jennifer Rubin's tweet has sent shockwaves amongst a certain section of people who have now taken to Twitter to vent their anger at the columnist. "Jennifer Rubin always hated White people & doesn’t believe in God at all. I’m glad you noticed this!" Certain users also tweeted anti-semitic statements tagging the Jewish columnist. "Would Jennifer Rubin support Jews becoming a minority in Israel? Would she support Arab majority rule over Jews? If yes, she’s at least consistent (if self-hating). If no, she’s just hostile to Gentile whites. Just an ordinary racist," another tweet read. 

"People like Jennifer Rubin hate the white race but then want to be an expert in what nation-building project our children should be sent to die in next," another Twitter user wrote. "Jennifer Rubin is a psychotic anti-white goblin and a sane society would stigmatize and ostracize her," read another explosive tweet. "Amazing how someone like Jennifer Rubin can be wrong on almost every single thing she comments on and still hold a job. What a clown," another angry user wrote.






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