Is Golden Child's Joochan dating actress Jeon Ye Ji? Cryptic messages and photos spark romance rumors

Is Golden Child's Joochan dating actress Jeon Ye Ji? Cryptic messages and photos spark romance rumors
Joochan and co-star Jeon Ye-ji have sparked relationship rumors (Jeon Ye-ji @ Instagram)

Lead vocalist of the K-pop act Golden Child, Joochan, has stirred romance rumors with co-star Jeon Ye Ji, thanks to their online activity. Many fans believe the rumors to be true based on the so called "evidence".

Joochan had starred in the musical 'On Air - The Secret Contract' where he was one of the male protagonists. In the musical, the K-pop artist portrayed the role of a male idol, who secretly begins dating a radio program scriptwriter. The talented actress Jeon played Joochan's love interest as a radio program screenwriter. Now, it looks like this romance could be coming to life in reality. Here are all the facts behind the K-pop couple's relationship rumors. 


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Joochan and Jeon Ye-ji (Jeon Ye-ji Instagram)

Photos and mysterious account

According to an All K-pop report, when the stars were working on the musical, Joochan told his fans multiple times that there was nothing going on between him and the actress. But after the musical ended, fans started gathering evidence that made them grow "suspicious". The actress followed an Instagram profile named Hwang Chan Joon, who only had seven followers. The user ID struck the viewers as it was similar to what Joochan has used in the past for gaming, the report suggested. Moreover, the account with seven followers also followed the account of Jeon's pet dog.

Joochan and Jeon Ye Ji (Instagram)

South Korean fans started asking for an explanation about Joochan's private account, following which Hwang Chan Joon unfollowed Jeon and later deleted the account. On another account, K-netizens claimed that Joochan sent a secret message to fans saying "it's not true" in the post celebrating the third anniversary of the creation of Golden Child's fan club Goldenness. The first alphabet of each line makes up for the sentence "it's not true", the report claimed.

Incidentally, in a photo from the musical's rehearsal room, Joochan was seen carrying a blanket and later a similar blanket was spotted on Jeon. Hawk-eyed fans did not miss this and pointed out that the stars were 'overly' friendly.

Poster of live sitcom 'On Air'

'The hate he's receiving for this is annoying'

Fans on social media have poured support for the K-pop star and expressed how 'annoying' it is if anyone chooses to 'hate' him for that. A fan said, "a blanket, 0.1 sec laugh, and instagram follows..  no matter how i think about this.. its st*pid..its like haters just want a reason to hate him.. btw, just congratulate him if its true omggg ~he's a charming adult.." Another fan said, "the hate he's receiving for this is annoying.. let him do what he wants in his private life, let it be a date, or a freakin instagram acc~~" A supportive fan shared, "'Fans'? pftttt I'm a fan and I don't even think that way. I just thought 'oh wow what a beautiful friendship' and if they are dating 'oh well, it's not my business'."




Many fans hoped that dating will be normalized for K-pop idols. A fan wrote, "They’re both consenting adults, if they’re dating, let them be. It’s no ones business but theirs." A similar tweet read, "As a REAL FAN of Golden Child, I would be happy for Joochan if he REALLY has something for Jeon Ye Ji. It's just a RUMOR and both agencies haven't released any statement on this matter and even if it's true or not I'll support my boys in their decisions."



While Joochan's agency hasn't confirmed the news, the positive attitude of fans proves that better days for K-pop idols' dating lives are not too far away.

Joochan's Golden Child released their fifth extended play 'Yes' in January with the lead single 'Burn It'. The group also snagged two weekly music show accolades with the comeback. You can check out the lead track here.


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