Is DMX okay? Sick trolls start 'RIP DMX' trend after rapper is taken off life support amid drug overdose treatment

'Why the hell did I just wake up to RIP DMX and I don’t see anyone confirming that sh*t,' a user commented

                            Is DMX okay? Sick trolls start 'RIP DMX' trend after rapper is taken off life support amid drug overdose treatment
Reports suggest that DMX drug overdosed, triggering a heart attack (Getty Images)

DMX aka rapper Earl Simmons has been hospitalized in White Plains, New York, after suffering a heart attack. Further, on Saturday, April 3, his attorney Murray Richman confirmed that DMX has been taken off life support and is breathing on his own. 

DMX was at his home around 11 pm, on Friday, April 2, 2021, when he suffered a heart attack, his longtime lawyer Richman, said. He was immediately hospitalized in grave condition, the lawyer added. The medical personnel of the critical care unit at the hospital began working on Simmons immediately and had to resuscitate him, he said. "He was on life support," Richman said. "He’s been taken off of life support. He is breathing on his own but there is a little brain activity."  "Earl is a sweet guy," Richman said. "Earl was a person who could tell such a story. He was a person with such depth. It’s a heartbreaker."


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Sources close to the rapper told TMZ that drug overdose triggered the heart attack.

Even though DMX is off the life support, some internet users trolled him by posting RIP DMX. As soon as the news came to light, people started tweeting about it. One person tweeted, "RIP DMX a true legend." While another one said, "Why the hell did I just wake up to RIP DMX and I don’t see anyone confirming that shit."



One fan wrote, "Damn, Rip DMX" with a crying emoji. Another one wrote, "Oh man this DMX news has me on a roller coaster. I thought he was fine and people were just posting about him. The. See the RIP hashtag. Now see he’s hospitalized but not good. This is making me really sad. I’ve always loved DMX. Hoping for a miracle man."

While some slammed the people who were posting "RIP DMX", as one person tweeted, "If you said RIP DMX just know you were fucking wrong, and didn't give that man an ounce of fucking hope. And I hope he thrives after this shit. LIVE GOD DAMNIT!" Another frustrated fan said, "Y’all got RIP DMX like y’all don’t know how manifestation works. The man is fighting for his life. Wish him well, smh".

Another person said, "I think it’s pretty sick in the head to be constantly putting down the tl “RIP DMX “ with nothing confirming that man is dead . pray for him and uplift , don’t speak that shit in the air." And another one wrote, "I really wish celebrity health situations were kept private because a lot of y’all on here fetishize that stuff...already rolling out “RIP DMX” posts that y’all probably spent the better part of the day preparing. What’s wrong with y’all???"








The New York-born rapper has been nominated for multiple Grammy awards, including for his famous single 'Party Up (Up In Here)'. His bestselling album, 1999's 'And Then There Was X', went platinum five times. All told, his albums have gone platinum -- sold 1 million units -- 14 times and his first five albums all grew to No. 1 on the U.S. charts.

(U.S. TABS AND HOLLYWOOD REPORTER OUT) Actor/rapper DMX attends the New York Premiere of "Never Die Alone" on March 24, 2004 at the Clearview Chelsea West Cinemas, in New York City. (Getty Images)

He has also starred in several movies, including 'Romeo Must Die' and 'Cradle 2 the Grave'. He starred in his own reality television series, 'DMX: Soul of a Man', on BET in 2006.

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