Is 'The Color Of Love' based on true story? Inside the tragedy of Peter, Rachel and issues of Black foster parents

Deborah Joy Winans of 'Greenleaf' fame plays Monica Henderson, the woman who battled to provided stable home to her White kids

                            Is 'The Color Of Love' based on true story? Inside the tragedy of Peter, Rachel and issues of Black foster parents
Deborah Joy Winans stars in 'The Color of Love' (Lifetime)

Love should be color blind, but often that's not the way. It can unfortunately be easier to see differences rather than the similarities which bind us. This, however, was not the case for Monica Henderson. Upcoming Lifetime movie 'The Color of Love' is based on her.

The true story of Monica Henderson is indeed remarkable, as she fought a battle on several fronts, to be able to provide a stable home to White kids that she fostered. According to the synopsis on the Lifetime website, "Inspired by a true story. Monica Henderson, an African-American widow with two kids, has so much love to give, she often fosters children who need a home. When she finds out that Peter and Rachel, the White brother and sister she fostered twice before, fled from their latest foster home, she takes them in again. Fearing the kids are in danger of slipping through the cracks of a flawed system, she begins the process of adopting them. Despite Monica’s mother and her boyfriend Theo’s beliefs that Peter and Rachel maybe be better off with a white family, Monica’s love for the kids puts the question of what makes a family to the test. "


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Deborah Joy Winans stars in 'The Color Of Love' (Lifetime)

Playing Monica Henderson was an eye opening experience for actor Deborah Joy Winans. Winans in an interview said, "Sadly I didn't understand how bad the foster system is, and how many kids can fall through the cracks. The fact that the system wanted to put the colour of this woman's skin before the needs of these children, with the abuse and malnourishment." Winans incredulously asks, "You'll really care that much that she's Black?'

Winans goes onto add this is why she has so much respect for the character that she is playing. Winans says that in spite of those closest to Henderson trying to convince her that Peter and Rachel, would be better with a white family, she followed her heart. Winans says, "She stood her ground and went with her heart. At the end of the day this shows that when you persevere with the motive of love, you will always win."

Winans goes onto add that the film is especially important for the times that we live in and that while the film maybe called the 'The Color Of Love', the movie is about seeing beyond all color barriers when it comes to love. 'The Color of Love' premiered Sunday, April 4 at 8/7c. Catch the trailer below.

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