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‘Hidden Jewel’ Review: Story of a superstitious mother and her skeptical daughter makes for a captivating watch

Mother Ruby and daughter Pearl are at loggerheads for most of the film. However, despite their conflict, it is hard to pick a side because the actors play their roles so well
Jennifer Laporte as Pearl and Raechelle Bonna as Ruby in 'Hidden Jewel' (Lifetime)
Jennifer Laporte as Pearl and Raechelle Bonna as Ruby in 'Hidden Jewel' (Lifetime)

Spoilers ahead for Lifetime movie ‘Hidden Jewel’. 

The fourth and final installment of VC Andrews’ movie series on Lifetime, ‘Hidden Jewel,’ tries connecting the dots in Ruby’s (Raechelle Bonna) life as it introduces us to her coming-of-age daughter Pearl (Jennifer Laporte). The movie starts off with a blood-curling scene showing Pearl’s nightmare where she finds her mother’s dead half-brother Paul (Sam Duke) coming back to life. 

When Pearl details her dream to her mother, Ruby finds herself dwelling on her mysterious past, which holds one too many secrets. Even before the mother can comprehend the impact of her past on her present, one of her twins, John (Evan Roderick), dies from a snake bite. After the tragic death of her son, Ruby takes it upon herself to find the answers to several questions that could save her family future trauma.


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Ruby and Pearl in 'Hidden Jewel' (Lifetime)

However, Pearl, unlike her mother, is a woman of science and refuses to believe in superstitions like a curse that could hurt her family. When her mother becomes aloof as the mystic Mama Deedee tries to break the curse inflicted on her due to her past sins, Pearl can be seen hunting for an answer in her own way. 

‘Hidden Jewel’ has also managed to fit in a sweet romance in the story as it navigates Pearl’s relationship with a stranger, who makes her “realize things” she has never felt before. While myths and beliefs against science make the plotline highly interesting, the mystery keeps you hooked to your screens till the very end and you’ll find yourself questioning how myths and science can feed into each other. 

Pearl in 'Hidden Jewel' (Lifetime)

Ruby and Pearl are at loggerheads in the film. However, despite their conflict, it is hard to pick a side because the actors play their roles so well. Perhaps, it’s their opposing natures that give the story the needed tension. The character portrayals strike a fine balance in the story with scientific rationalism and superstition given equal prominence. 

Every actor has done justice to their role by stretching their acting muscles just enough but, undeniably, it’s the mother and daughter duo who steal the show. The film is magical in its own way as the creators have used a lot of hoodoo and magical traditions to spice up the storyline. 

Overall, ‘Hidden Jewels’ makes for a brilliant watch for those who like a dash of realism with their necromantic spells, all put together in one engaging story. It might even remind you a little of the Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman film, 'Practical Magic'. It has a little bit of something for every viewer and harrowing enough to make sure your stomach drop in some scenes.

‘Hidden Jewel’ premieres on March 28 at 8 pm ET on Lifetime only.