'Alaskan Bush People' star Bear Brown hospitalized after 'accidentally stabbing' himself with rusty barbed wire

'Alaskan Bush People' star Bear Brown hospitalized after 'accidentally stabbing' himself with rusty barbed wire
'Alaskan Bush People' star Bear Brown rushed to emergency room after 'accidentally stabbing' himself (Instagram/@bearbrownthekingofextreme)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Bear Brown recently suffered an incident because of which he had to immediately rush to the hospital. He "accidentally stabbed" himself. Bear uploaded a selfie explaining the entire situation.

'Alaskan Bush People' star uploaded a picture of him wearing a mask and a hospital tag in his hands while he took the selfie on Tuesday. He captioned the photo, "Oops!"


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What led to Bear Brown's accident?

After Bear uploaded a selfie from the hospital, it left fans wondering what led him there. Answering the same question, the star uploaded another picture on his Instagram feed. In the post, Bear was seen posing in a red and blue colored hoodie covered in hay dust as he showed a truck full of hay behind him. Bear then explained the whole situation that led him to the hospital. He captioned the post, "Hey everybody! I was working yesterday, hauling hay and undoing old barbed wire and I accidentally stabbed myself really deep with a rusty piece of barbed wire so I had to go to the emergency room, to get a tetanus shot!" The next photo where he is seen posing in the hospital shows the star showing his injury. 



'Please take good care of yourself'

A fan appreciated Bear for running to the hospital and said, "Bummer, but well done getting the tetanus shot. Better to be safe than sorry." Another wished Bear, "Absolutely the right thing to do! Hope you heal up quickly, have a great night!" "Sorry to hear that, I hope you recover very soon. Stay safe and God bless you," another posted. A fan showed concern in the comment section, saying, "Hope everything goes well! Please take good care of yourself." Another wrote, "Glad you took care of it. Been there myself. No joke." "Very sorry. I hope you get well soon. take care of yourself," a fan wished for Bear's speedy recovery.

It seems Bear is doing well now as the star was seen active on social media, thereby hinting things are getting better and he might be recovering from the injury.


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 Is Bear Brown OK? 'Alaskan Bush People' star hospitalized after 'accidentally stabbing himself'