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Are Armie Hammer’s leaked DMs fake? Actor's alleged ‘cannibal sex fantasy’ shocks Internet: 'This can't be real'

The actor allegedly stated 'I am 100% a cannibal' to a woman who shared the Instagram DMs and the Internet is shocked
UPDATED JAN 11, 2021
Armie Hammer (Getty Images)
Armie Hammer (Getty Images)

Armie Hammer, best known for playing the Winklevoss twins in the 2010 film ‘Social Network’, is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. The actor has created quite a stir on social media owing to some of his alleged DMs, extensively talking about sex and cannibalism, among other shocking and rather strange interests. 

A considerable number of social media users have shared screengrabs from their own chats which show messages received from an account that appears to have Hammer’s name in the handle. While these speculations about the actor having alleged fetishes have left many appalled, the rest have established that the messages are simply “fake” and have been sent through unidentified Twitter handles.

Armie Hammer (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, one Twitter user shared a series of messages which seem to have been sent from Hammer's official account. However, we do not know if the actor's handle was hacked, which resulted in these messages being sent, or if the images were manipulated and edited. 

Another social media user shared a screenshot of the pages Hammer has allegedly liked on Twitter, consisting of one post on “super nipple techniques”. The tweet read, “I miss the days when Armie Hammer didn't know his Twitter likes were public and provided this information directly.”



This isn’t the first time that the actor's activity on social media has raised eyebrows. Back in 2017, he had reportedly liked a bunch of tweets about BDSM and bondage.

Not all on social media believe the actor to be innocent as some of them were seen rallying for him to be canceled on Twitter. One such social media user decided to drag the actor for one of his earlier tweets, where he had said that “When you hurt your body, sometimes the best medicine is to just have another human being rub their human body against your human body.” The actor shared the tweet following a physiotherapy session. 


Some of his fans, however, have taken to the platform to extend their support to the actor and dismiss claims about him having sent explicit messages. When one social media user shared, “I cannot believe anyone thinks those Armie Hammer DM “screenshots” are real when they are clearly fake/edited as f**k lol,” another added, “Someone made fake DMs of Armie Hammer claiming to be a cannibal. Just another normal Sunday on Twitter.” And one tweeted, “Ok but if the Armie Hammer being a cannibalist thing turns out to be fake which there’s already evidence that it is fake, I feel bad for him bc his whole rep literally just got ruined.” 





These tweets were put out by fans and third parties and MEAWW cannot verify the accusations. We are waiting for an official response and will update this space with the official statement of the actor or spokesperson.