‘Family Karma’: Bali creates rift in Vishal and Anisha’s bond, fans ask her to get friends in her age group

‘Family Karma’: Bali creates rift in Vishal and Anisha’s bond, fans ask her to get friends in her age group
Vishal Parvani, Bali Chainani and Anisha Ramakrishna (Bravo)

Vishal Parvani and Anisha Ramakrishna’s decade-long friendship came to a screeching halt after their mutual friend Bali Chainani told Anisha that Vishal was “downplaying” his friendship with her. Anisha was so upset when she learned about it that she began cold-shouldering Vishal, despite his attempts to mend their friendship.
Bali hypes Anisha by insisting that Anisha should get an apology from Vishal. But Vishal refuses to apologize because he believes that he isn’t at fault. Finally, the two met at Bali’s party and talk to each other when Bali isn’t around and hash out their differences. Vishal explicitly tells Anisha that he never downplayed their friendship, although Anisha feels that Bali wouldn’t have lied to her, she decides to hear out what Vishal has to say, and decides to take his word for it, thus naturally restoring their friendship.
This left fans slamming Bali for being “messy” by causing problems between Vishal and Anisha. A fan tweeted, “Bali is being messy with Vishal and Anisha’s friendship! And the fact that Anisha is blindly believing Bali and not her friend of 10+ years says something about her! #FamilyKarma.” Another fan shared, “Bali caused that whole problem with Anisha and Vishal. Bali needs to get some friends her own age, not the same age as her ex husbands girlfriend  #FamilyKarma.”

“#anisha did you watch the episode where #visal didnt say shit about you or are you Just scared of #bali that bitch scares me too! #FamilyKarma #bali #liar,” wrote another fan.
Several fans felt that Vishal did the right thing by not apologizing because he did nothing wrong, and advised Anisha to not believe everything Bali has to say. A fan commented, “Vishal didn't apologize, bc he didn't need to...Bali heard whatever she wanted to hear...PERIOD! #FamilyKarma.” Another fan expressed, “I'm sorry sis but according to the edit, Bali did lie 🤷🏽‍♀️  Not saying I'm necessarily Team Vishal but let's be honest. #FamilyKarma.”


“Bali needs to go! She started unnecessary drama and acts like she’s trying to resolve it. I’m not on the guys' side, but she’s lying and fabricating the truth and making it deeper then it needs to be. #FamilyKarma,” pointed out a fan.

‘Family Karma’ airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET/PT only on Bravo.


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