Netflix's 'Invisible City': Release date, cast, plot, trailer and all you need to know about Brazilian crime-fantasy series

Creatures from Brazilian folklore come to life in this stunning new mystical thriller show about environmental degradation and human relationships

                            Netflix's 'Invisible City': Release date, cast, plot, trailer and all you need to know about Brazilian crime-fantasy series
Environmental policeman Eric played by Marco Pigossi in a still from 'Invisible City' (YouTube/@Netflix Brasil)

A man with a flaming head, a woman with a hypnotic singing voice, and (what seems like a) mermaid’s tail- before you know it, you’re already in love with the world of Carlos Saldanha’s 'Invisible City' dropping on Netflix this month.

The upcoming Brazilian crime-fantasy series revolves around the finding of a strange dead animal on a Rio de Janeiro beach.


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Following a family tragedy, environmental policeman Eric (Marco Pigossi) finds himself caught in a murder investigation and discovers a world inhabited by mythical creatures living among humans and soon realizes they hold the key to his mysterious past.

A still from Invisible City (YouTube/ @Netflix Brasil)

This Portuguese web series is set to take Brazilian folklore to a contemporary audience.

The series also stars Alessandra Negrini as part of the main cast in the role of Ines, the owner of a nightclub with more to it than meets the eye.

With seven episodes, 'Invisible City' brings relevant and current themes such as environmental preservation, and the rescue of Brazilian popular culture, in addition to exploring human relationships through mystics and a thriller, according to Netflix.

Alessandra Negrini as Ines in 'Invisible City' (YouTube/ @Netflix Brasil)

The case also includes Jessica Córes, Fábio Lago, Wesley Guimarães, Manu Diegues, Julia Konrad, José Dumont, Victor Sparapane and Áurea Maranhão, among others.

Release date

Carlos Saldanha’s crime drama ‘Invisible City’ started production back in 2019. The location for the shoot in the year 2019 was between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The team has confirmed Season 1’s release for 5th February 2021.


Although little is known about the plot, the trailer promises thrills (and chills)! It starts with the voice of Ines saying “There’s no use trying to forget, or trying to sleep”, as flashbacks show Eric’s life with a wife (Julia Konrad) and daughter.

Marco Pigossi and Julia Konrad in 'Invisible City' (YouTube/ @Netflix Brasil)

Thereafter follow montage shots of burning forests, Eric saying his wife is dead and Cico (Jose Dumont) saying that case has long been closed. There is a mention of a ‘they’ who have lived alongside humans ‘ever since man became man’.

“There are some things in this world that aren’t meant to be found,” says the voice of Ines, with trailer ending in a haunting song blurry camerawork that and deepens the mystery.


Marco Pigossi (Instagram/ @marcopigossi)

Marco Pigossi

Actor and producer Marco Pigossi kicked off his international acting career with ‘Tidelands’, Netflix's first Australian original production, playing the role of Dylan, a leader of the Tidelanders. He’s a television star of Rede Globo. His other hit films include ‘O Nome da Morte’ by Henrique Goldman and ‘A Força do Querer’.

Alessandra Negrini (Instagram/ @alessandranegrini)

Alessandra Negrini

Negrini, who has Portuguese and Italian ancestry, stars as the mysterious Ines. She known for ‘Cleópatra’ (2007), ‘Tropical Paradise’ (2007) and ‘Two Rabbits’ (2012). 


Carlos Saldanha attends the 'Ferdinand' special screening at BFI Southbank on December 3, 2017 in London, England.

Carlos Saldanha

‘Invisible City’ is created and directed by Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha, the two-time Oscar nominee animator responsible for successes like ‘Ice Age’, ‘Rio’, and his latest ‘Ferdinand’, movies that grossed over $3.1B worldwide.

Saldanha, a native of Rio de Janeiro, has always portrayed his love of his homeland and its culture in his works with vibrant portraits of Brazil’s diverse landscape, natural beauty and joyful people. In the project that marks his return to shooting in this home country, the filmmaker goes deeper into Brazilian soul to explore its faith, legends and cultural mix.

A still from 'Invisible City' (YouTube/ @Netflix Brasil)


“He came to live between reality and an invisible world inhabited by fantastic beings after his wife died - and realized that not everything is as it seems. The series Cidade Invisível, by Oscar-nominated director Carlos Saldanha, dives into the stories of Brazilian folklore in a current way and talks about the power of human relationships,” the caption of the two-minute 22-second trailer reads.

Viewers are happy and excited about the series. “A series with the theme of our Brazilian folklore ???? Finally, our country's culture is being valued,” one fan said, while another posted “I shivered with Curupira, I jumped for joy with Saci and I blew myself up with Cuca's song! I love you Netflix!”

Catch the trailer here.


Where to watch?

'Invisible City'  will be available for streaming on Netflix on February 5th, 2021.

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