'Into the Dark': Hulu anthology horror set to put its signature twist on Valentine's Day in 'Down'

Apart from its element of horror, what binds every 'Into the Dark' episode together, is an essence of subtle social satire that acts as the show's twist to the genre

                            'Into the Dark': Hulu anthology horror set to put its signature twist on Valentine's Day in 'Down'

When Hulu announced its ongoing monthly anthology horror series 'Into the Dark,' there was a lot of speculation about the show being just another 'Black Mirror' or 'American Horror Story' considering its genre. But then it was revealed that each episode would come out on a monthly basis and revolve around a festival signifying the month of the episode's release.

True to its theme, viewers were treated to a Halloween horror, followed by a Thanksgiving one, with Christmas arriving third, and finally New Year's Eve. Apart from the element of horror, what also bound these episodes together was the essence of subtle social satire that acted as the show's twist to the genre. This is once again going to unfold in its upcoming final two episodes - one showing the dark sinister side to Valentine's day, and the other exploring a not so pleasant side of family vacations.

Arriving February 1 as the fifth episode in the 12-part series, 'Down', much like its preceding episodes 'The Body', 'Flesh and Blood', 'Pooka', and 'New Year, New You', will focus on the biggest holiday of the month - Valentine's Day. Sure, to many it might seem like a topic that has been explored too much and too often.

Even in some cases of other horror flicks, that aren't necessarily about Valentine's Day, there's been some action going down on the famous holiday with the antagonist of the tale going on a borderline stalking turned murderous spree. But with 'Down' we get to see a horror revolving solely around a day which most people believe is the most pointless holiday of the year anyway. 

Written by Kent Kubena, who produced the 'Black Christmas' remake and also 'Turistas', the episode synopsis says, "a pair of office of workers get trapped in an elevator over a long Valentine’s Day weekend, but what at first promises to be a romantic connection turns dangerous and horrifying in this Blumhouse mash-up of rom-com and horror film genres." 

Another massive reason to be excited about the upcoming episode is that it's being helmed by director Daniel Stamm, who directed the Eli Roth-produced 'The Last Exorcism.' With the show coming from Blumhouse Productions who gave us iconic horror cult classic franchises like 'The Purge' and 'Paranormal Activity', Stamm's involvement with the new episode will only accelerate its thrill and gory horror quotient.

The first-look photos, released exclusively by TV Line, treated fans of the show and interested viewers to several shots of the horror about the unleash on the unlucky pair trapped inside the elevator, and by the first few photos revealed, it's probably safe to conclude that things are about to get as bloody as anything from Jason Blum is expected to get. Starring in the episode will be Natalie Martinez, Matt Lauria, Arnie Pantoja, Diane Sellers, and Christina Leone. So, here's us keeping our fingers crossed and hoping the show will blow our minds once again. 

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