'Into the Dark: Delivered': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Mother's Day episode

'Into the Dark: Delivered': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Mother's Day episode
Natalie Paul and Tina Majorino (Hulu)

After last year's 'Black Mirror'-esque clone horror that was Into the Dark's Mother’s Mothers' Day episode - 'All That We Destroy', the Hulu anthology is going full blood, gore, and slasher once again for its 2020's installment. Last year we saw a mother's plight when she starts creating clones for her son to repeatedly experience the same murder, to stop him from becoming a serial killer. This year things get even more twisted when a woman kidnaps a pregnant mother and decides to ruin her life for her own selfish pursuits. Here's all you need to know about it.


Release date

'Into the Dark: Delivered' drops on Friday, May 8, at midnight only on Hulu.

Natalie Paul in 'Delivered' (Hulu)


According to the official synopsis provided by the streaming platform, "A pregnant woman’s life gets upended by an unexpected threat aimed at taking her unborn baby." After visiting a retreat for expecting mothers, a pregnant woman wakes up to being tied in chains and shackles, with her husband presumably dead. She has been kidnapped with another woman who has some exceedingly dark plans for her and her baby as this kidnapper herself can't conceive most likely. Thus begins the pregnant woman's tribulations amidst a bloodbath and violent horror in classic Blumhouse style. Whether she comes out of it, or even how, remains to be answered.



Natalie Paul plays the role of the pregnant woman. Paul is an actress and director, known for The Sinner (2017), The Deuce (2017) and You (2018).

Tina Majorino (L) and Natalie Paul (R) (Hulu)

Tina Majorino plays the kidnapper who kills the pregnant woman's husband and plans on taking her baby. Majorino is known for her role as Sophie in ABC's 'Camp Wilder' (1992), she even had a role in 'When a Man Loves a Woman(1992) opposite Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia and opposite Whoopi Goldberg in 'Corrina' (1994). She played Enola in 'Waterworld' and later returned in 2004 with 'Napoleon Dynamite', another cult classic. Other TV roles include 'Grey's Anatomy' as Dr Heather Brooks; in 'Legends' as Maggie Harris and as Cindy in 'Veronica Mars'.



Coming from the production house that gave us iconic horrors like the Paranormal Activity and Purge franchise, 'Into the Dark: Delivered' will be yet another solid creation of Blumhouse Television. This Mothers' Day installment will be directed by Emma Tammi, known for her work on 'The Wind'. 


Knives, chains, shackles, forces injections, ax murders, and more - the trailer for 'Delivered' hints at more than just your regular suspense thriller with a gory bloodbath at its core. Check it out here:



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