Vanessa Hudgens does some fine twerking to 'WAP' in viral video, Internet asks 'can we just forgive her now?'

Hudgens had earlier in March posted a video where she allegedly seemed to care more about Coachella Festival than for the patients dying of Covid-19, earning the wrath of the Internet

                            Vanessa Hudgens does some fine twerking to 'WAP' in viral video, Internet asks 'can we just forgive her now?'
Vanessa Hudgens (Getty Images)

Did Vanessa Hudgens just try to pull off Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s collab hit “WAP” song? The 31-year-old actress-singer was having some fun with a friend on a grassy patch of land where she was seen twerking to WAP, in a TikTok video that popped up on social media on August 31. Someone on Twiiter tweeted the video saying: "Not Vanessa Hudgens popping off to the WAP dance."



However, the singer's critics were quite unhappy with this video of her mimicking the moves of the WAP rappers since Hudgens was the one who earlier posted a video where she allegedly seemed to care more about Coachella, a place that holds the famous Valley Music and Arts festival than the patients dying of Covid-19. In March 2020, Hudgens went live on Instagram to respond to Donald Trump's announcement that the Covid-19 pandemic could stretch into July and August. She also seemed to be complaining about Coachella being canceled: “Until July sounds like a bunch of... "It's a virus, I get it, I respect it. But even if everybody gets it, like..yeah..people are gonna die, which is terrible but like inevitable?" A user tweeted her video: Vanessa Hudgens was doing great when she was just moaning. Also “it’s a virus, I get it, I respect it” is sending me.



After her comments started to circulate on the micro-blogging site, she slammed for being insensitive, the actor/singer then got back on Instagram to clarify."It's a crazy time, it's a crazy, crazy time and I am at home and in lockdown and that's what I hope you guys are doing too," she told her 38.4 million followers back then in March. "I don't take this situation lightly, by any means, I am home."

Putting that in the past, the dreamy ‘High School Musical’ star showed off her impressive twerking and flexible body in the latest TikTok video. No sooner than the video dropped, disgruntled people took to social media to slam her over her past video. However, seeing the lighter side of it, there were quite a few who were ready to forgive her after watching the dance saying she is “redeeming” her past. A surprised user tweeted: “The Vanessa Hudgens who was ok with letting people die so she could go to Coachella did a dance to WAP? So freaking cool.” 



People reminded one another of her past blunder over dismissing Covid-19 deaths and said that she still needs to be held accountable:  “Y’all better not let Vanessa Hudgens off the hook because she did WAP. She’s the same person who cared more about Coachella than people dying from Covid.” 



While another felt that all could be forgiven for the actress. “She redeemed herself from past WAP behavior.”  




One was so enamored by her dancing that they wished they could do anything, even sin, to be with Hudgens. “I’d commit unthinkable sins to be with Vanessa Hudgens” 



Some were still unable to let go of the past. “Not everyone forgetting that Vanessa Hudgens cared more about Coachella than people dying just cuz she did the wap” 



However, most wanted to know if it was time to forgive Hudgens now.



”For reasons unrelated to her latest video, I may have to forgive Vanessa Hudgens for all past transgression,” added another.


Hudgens sure seems to have earned some brownie points with this video.  

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