'Horsey is in a mood': Jokes galore as King's Guard horse bites hair of women who ignored 'Beware' sign

'Horsey is in a mood': Jokes galore as King's Guard horse bites hair of women who ignored 'Beware' sign
Two female tourists were attacked by the King's Guard horse for approaching too closely to take pictures (Youtube/5AS5BS)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: A video was recently taken of a woman who was briefly forced to bend backward after a King's Guard horse bit her ponytail. The video goes on to show the horse attacking another woman that same day.

The woman experienced the most horrifying experience of her life while she was posing for a picture in front of the horse being ridden by a soldier from the Blues and Royals. The video shows the horse swinging its head in her direction and grabbing hold of her hair before she can run away. After that, the scene is delightfully slowed down to show the woman's shock at being thrown backward. King's Guard horses have a reputation for biting or kicking those who approach too closely when trying to take a picture, so those nearby weren't particularly vocal in their desire to help.


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'The tourists are just too dumb to read the sign'

On the same day, the horse lunges toward a young woman who is posing for a photo and is facing away from the horse. The woman, who was horrified by the horse's attempt to bite her, placed a hand on her chest while gasping at her friends.


The sign beside the horse stated, "BEWARE! Horses may kick or bite. Thank you," didn't appear to bother either of the women, which led to their frightening encounter with the King's Guard horse. A number of individuals have commented on the YouTube video, with one person writing, "I bet the Guard was dying to laugh."



One person commented, "That's the best laugh I have had today. Give that horse another carrot." A third person wrote, "The guard didn't flinch. That's his space, and people, are invading it. Well done to the horse for showing that they are the bosses there and not the public."

Another person wrote, "That's the most satisfying thing I've seen in ages! They should teach the horses to defend their area. The tourists are just too dumb to read the sign. Plus they're not honoring the guard." This other person wrote, "His ears are pinned, he is not a happy camper. Horsey is in a mood!"


'Get off the reins!'

In a similar situation, the King's Guard was witnessed brutally yelling at a tourist who twice attempted to grab the reins off his horse while posing for a picture. The incident happened when a young woman posing for a photo near the iconic British location attempted to get too close to the royal horse.

The tourist made her first attempt to grasp the horse's reins while looking directly into the camera. The red-clad soldier saw her move and yelled, "Get off the reins!" while grabbing the leather belt. The tourist was shocked by the King's Guard's yell, but she didn't appear to understand what it meant.


The woman decided against leaving the horse alone and tried her luck once more by attempting to grasp the reins without the guard noticing. But when he saw her, he yelled, "Get off!" even louder. The tourist gave up trying to get a picture and quickly ran off to the side after receiving this warning.

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 King's Guard horse bites hair of women who ignored 'Beware' sign