Internet says missing Ana Walshe's husband has 'uncanny resemblance' to late Brittany Murphy's partner

Internet says missing Ana Walshe's husband has 'uncanny resemblance' to late Brittany Murphy's partner
Brian Walshe was charged Monday, January 9, for 'misleading police' in connection with the investigation for Ana Walshe and now he is being compared to Brittany Murphy's partner Simon Monjack (Facebook/Ana Walshe, Al Messerschmidt/WireImage for Fingerprin

COHASSET, MASSACHUSETTS: Brian Walshe was charged on January 9 for "misleading police" concerning the inquiry into the disappearance of his wife Ana Walshe, 39. According to local media sources, Brian, 48, is reportedly the prime suspect in his wife's abduction. Ana, a mother-of-three, went missing on New Year's Eve after last being seen at her house at 4 am. She was meant to fly from Boston to Washington, DC, for work emergencies.


Since his arrest, there's been a lot of chaos over the Internet. Recently, a Reddit user shared a chilling appearance comparison between Brittany Murphy's spouse, Simon Monjack and Brian. The Redditor who compared both of them wrote, "Anyone else keep seeing Simon Monjack in this guy? Both lovely women married to scam artists." On the same thread, another user wrote, "uncanny resemblance." A third user commented, "Yes! That is why he looks familiar. Both creeps."


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Moreover, there has been downpour of theroies and questions. Previously netizens digged into Brian's Twitter account and uncovered that he follows handles reporting on missing wife Ana but there's no assurance whether these theories or speculations have any tie with case or not, as reported by MEAWW.


Current probe against Brian Walshe 

Police from Cohasset was recently seen checking behind an apartment building in Swampscott. Authorities have been searching for items Brian may have discarded while traveling. He was detained and imprisoned on a $500,000 bond after being charged with deceiving investigators working on the investigation. According to reports, he soon entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf. Meanwhile, in the days following Ana's inexplicable disappearance, Brian allegedly looked up "how to dispose of a 115-pound woman's body" on the Internet. According to law enforcement authorities, he also looked up how to dismember a body. This prompted investigators to believe Ana was murdered.

Brian told prosecutors after his hearing that he went out to purchase ice cream with his son on January 2, according to The Sun. However was seen purchasing cleaning goods at a Home Depot in Rockland on a surveillance video. A prosecutor told KKTV that police discovered a broken knife and blood in the basement of the couple's home. It is, however, unknown whose blood it was. "Crime services recovered and found blood in the basement area… There was also a knife that was found. On the knife, there was blood," said Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland, who informed this to the judge in court on Monday, January 9, as per reports.


Other cases against Brian Walshe

Brian also pleaded guilty in 2021 in US District Court in Boston after being detained a few years ago for selling two phony Andy Warhol paintings to a South Korean bidder for $80,000, according to federal prosecutors. The Daily Mail reported that Brian stole the paintings from a friend and sold them on eBay, only to replace them with forgeries. According to court records, Brian's sentencing was fraught with complications. He was first sentenced to house arrest but the current status of the case is unknown.

He was also charged with trying to sell stuff from his father's property online, which inclued Dali artwork, and advertising a sale in January, 2019, months after his father, Thomas Walshe died. The errors were not discovered until his cousin, who had been appointed as Thomas' executor, contacted his uncle's friend in 2019 and learned of his uncle's death. Since Ana's husband failed to tell other family members of his father's death, the inheritance was taken over by another relative in July 2019. A month later, he attempted to contest the appointment but a probate court refused his motion after compelling him to give an inventory of the items he had stolen from the property, as reported by MEAWW.


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