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'Ted Bundy lovers': Internet claims people saying Bryan Kohberger is not guilty 'have hybristophilia'

Investigators stated they had probable cause to believe they would find evidence linking Bryan Kohberger to the Idaho murders
UPDATED JAN 26, 2023
A web sleuth claimed that those who believe Bryan Kohberger was innocent may have hybristophilia (Getty Images; Wikimedia Commons)
A web sleuth claimed that those who believe Bryan Kohberger was innocent may have hybristophilia (Getty Images; Wikimedia Commons)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: With no murder weapon discovered and a motive still unknown, many speculated that Bryan Kohberger might not be guilty. Nevertheless, investigators claimed they had reason to suspect they would find evidence connecting Kohberger to the Idaho murders in their application for the search warrant. However, police records do not support either theory. Some people have started speculating if the 28-year-old was innocent.  

Investigators stated in their search warrant application that they had probable cause to believe they would find evidence linking Kohberger to the murders. Notably, no weapons were found inside the house, authorities said, as per Law&Crime. A web sleuth claimed that those who believed Kohberger was not guilty have Hybristophilia, a sexual attraction to those who committed crimes. 


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What is 'Hybristophilia'?

According to a Reddit user, whose thread is titled 'Hybristophilia seems to be going around in here', "Hybristophilia is a sexual interest in and attraction to those who commit crimes, a paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and accomplishment of orgasm are sensitive to and dependent upon being with a person who is known to have committed a crime. For instance, Katherine Ramsland, who is a professor of forensic psychology at DeSales University mentions that some of the women in particular who have married or dated male serial killers have offered the following reasons: Low self esteem and the lack of a father figure. Some believe they can change a man as cruel and powerful as a serial killer. Others 'see' the little boy that the killer once was and seek to nurture him. A few hoped to share in the media spotlight or get a book or movie deal."

The post continues, ""Then there's the notion of the 'perfect boyfriend'. She knows where he is at all times and she knows he's thinking about her. While she can claim that someone loves her, she does not have to endure the day-to-day issues involved in most relationships. There’s no laundry to do, no cooking for him, and no accountability to him. She can keep the fantasy charged up for a long time."

The long post further adds, "Others offered reasons along the lines of: Some mental health experts have compared infatuation with killers to extreme forms of fanaticism. They view such women as insecure females who cannot find love in normal ways or as 'love-avoidant' females who seek romantic relationships that cannot be consummated. I would like to add in this case that the women who are attracted to and defending Kohberger are doing so because he killed attractive popular people who they have spent parts of their own lives envying, so he has become their hero. All of this is sick."


People were quick to comment on social media, with one saying, "They are just like the Bundy lovers." Another said, "Of all the people defending him I would say it's a very small percentage doing so because they are in love with him. Most do it because they believe he may be innocent and if not they believe that he deserves a fair trial / more evidence is needed. There's also people doing weird stuff with the girls and the dog... it's not exclusive to Bryan. What you're saying certainly happens, there's no denying that, but it'd be wrong to say that anyone who expresses sympathy for him is doing it for that reason."

A third chimed in, "Agree. I can feel sorry for the child but still want justice for the adult. In this case, if I were on the jury and convinced that Bryan was guilty, I would likely not stand in the way of the other 11 people if they wanted the death penalty. Maybe I would, I can be stubborn. However, I think the jury represents society as a whole (or is supposed to) and if in Idaho, most people think the DP is the right choice for a case, I might give in. The trial will likely contain no information about Bryan's childhood, but the penalty phase will. I do think if they put Bryan on the stand during the penalty phase and just let him ramble and try and explain himself, the jury will sense that he's not working with a full deck. Since I also believe he wants to be on Death Row, my own inclination would to give him life in prison without possibility of parole."

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