International Women’s Day 2020: Female characters on TV that define empowerment from Harley Quinn to Dr Lim

International Women’s Day 2020: Female characters on TV that define empowerment from Harley Quinn to Dr Lim

There are women in power and then there are women who might or might not be powerful by its very definition, and yet, they set a trend. They might not be real, but could definitely be today’s role models, if you look at them as real people for a change! Here are our favorite TV characters you should look out for and look up to this Women's Day!

Harley Quinn in 'Harley Quinn'

Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) in Harley Quinn - DC Universe (IMDb)


It took her years of abuse and short-selling herself to stand up for her “fantabulous emancipation”. She is nothing the 21st century's “empowered woman” is supposed to be. And yet, she tops this list, and for a reason.

Trouble is her middle name and she is one of those superbly twisted characters who reveal a new layer in every instance, keeping the shock quotient high at all times. Despite a toxic, abusive relationship, she gathers herself for a restart. She is delusional to the hilt, hot-headed, and yet optimistic; because no one said that a woman needs to fit a formula. Is she a superhero or an antihero? Or is she a wannabe villain who ends up doing heroic things?


‘Harley Quinn’ will be back with Season 2 in April 2020.

Abigail Thomas in 'Tommy'

Thomas Sadoski and Edie Falco (CBS)

CBS’s latest primetime favorite, Abigail Thomas, aka, Tommy is a character to reckon with. She joins the LAPD as the Chief of Police and becomes the first female to be at her position. She is extremely straightforward, a no-frills, no-nonsense woman, who rose to the top on her own terms.


Tommy’s ways of approaching things are highly unconventional, yet fair; she can be a hardball to the world, and a softie, when and where needed. Long story short, Tommy is the perfect personification of women we need in leadership today!

‘Tommy’ airs on CBS, every Thursday at 10pm/9c.

Clarke Griffin in 'The 100'


Eliza Taylor- Clarke Griffin - The 100 - CW (IMDb)


A character based on the eponymous novel, Clarke is a leader of a post-apocalyptic society. Her character has gone through a lot over six seasons of the series. And yet, she continues to fight for her clan. As the lead character of the show, Clarke remains an inspiration for many young adults.


‘The 100’ is back with Season 7 in May 2020.

Dr. Audrey Lim in 'The Good Doctor'

Christina Chang plays Dr. Audrey Lim in ABC's 'The Good Doctor' (IMDb)

Typically, leading women characters are created or at least expected to look and feel “bold”. Not that there’s anything wrong in doing so, some women just defy that stereotype.


Dr. Audrey Lim is one such woman, perhaps the most powerful in her organization, who portrays how one can be at the top, drive decisions, and inspire people, without having to be bada** or stone cold. She is a self-reliant, ambitious woman, a great mentor and yet, she is emotional and displays her feminine attributes. Audrey is an empowered woman without fitting into its stereotypical definition.


‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 airs every Monday, 10 pm/9c, on ABC.

Villanelle in 'Killing Eve'

'Killing Eve' season 2 episode 3 shows Vilanelle's obsession turn into toxic manipulation as she tries her best to ruin Eve's marriage (BBC America)

Villanelle or Oksana Astankova is a Russian assassin who sports nothing but couture and throws tantrums like a five year old! But how can a psychopathic assassin be a role model or an example of empowerment? Well, again, there’s no mold to be followed to be a woman in power. You know how you can love and despise someone at the same time? Villanelle is just that kind of a girl who gets on your nerves and yet, wants you to worship her! And her wardrobe will make you drool or envious; take your pick. When a woman combines the best traits of a killer and a lover, she breaks all norms, one stereotype at a time.  


‘Killing Eve’ is coming back with a Season 3 in April 2020.

Isabella Bautista in 'Narcos: Mexico'


Teresa Ruiz as Isabella Bautista in Narcos: Mexico, Netflix (IMDb)

Who says all drug lords have to be men? Whoever thinks that only hyper-masculine males lead cartels is yet to meet Isabella Bautista, lord of a cocaine empire. Interestingly though, the character is also based on real-life people, not one, but many women in the Colombian cartels of the yesteryears. She is a heavily layered character, complex to the last strain. If her unabashed attitude makes you question your sense of judgment, her struggles will make you want to like her.


‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season 2 is now on Netflix.

Elida in 'Vagrant Queen'

Adriyan Rae in Vagrant Queen (Syfy)

A princess is a woman little girls look up to but can they, if she becomes an outcast? Elida was born a princess but life turned her into a scavenging warrior. Survival is her only goal and she will do anything to stay ahead of the game from a rogue nation who wants to wipe out her kind. So, even if princesses turn pauper (not literally), they can still inspire and influence your life, and Elida stands as a classic example of that! Watch out for this “vagrant” queen as she is all set to fight for her rights!


‘Vagrant Queen’ is coming to Syfy this March.

Watch out for these gorgeous, deadly, savage, and incredible female leads this year who will break all norms and still shine with their feminine side.

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