'Intelligence' Ending Explained: Why does Christine save Jerry and who is the real mole at GCHQ?

'Intelligence' Ending Explained: Why does Christine save Jerry and who is the real mole at GCHQ?
Jerry and Christine (Peacock)

Spoilers for 'Intelligence'

For a really creepy authoritative figure, David Schwimmer's character Jerry Berstein in Peacock's 'Intelligence' gets a very forgiving ending. After constantly undermining resident Government Communications Headquarters' head Christine's (Sylvestra Le Touzel) authority, when crisis arrives for Jerry, Christine finally rises to his rescue. Why she saves this reprehensible man with no redeeming qualities whatsoever is a mystery only amplified by the fact that there's a prospective mole roaming around the premises. But Christine has her answers sorted, and so do we, in case you're wondering who this mole is.

To recap the life of Jerry, a former NSA agent, he was disgraced for sharing confidential information with the wrong people under the impression that it would serve their great nation of America. So he flies across the ocean to join UK's GCHQ where he has a hard time being under Christine authority, all the while being firmly convinced she's harboring feelings for her own. Right at the end of his camaraderie with his fairly alien group of new coworkers, however, Jerry's life is struck with another crisis when his former best friend arrives at the GCHQ to take him home.

Jerry thinks he has come to rub it in his face that he has been still pursuing his romance with Jerry's ex-wife Melissa. In the past, Jerry had accidentally shot this best friend in the toe which the other man assumed was because he had found out about the affair. But this time, things are worse. Jerry's best friend tells him the NSA are looking to investigate his breach of confidentiality and he would most likely be incarcerated for it.


Christine's joy known no bounds but remains tight-lipped when she notices the prospect of Jerry going away arrive. In fact, she voluntarily gives in all the dirt on Jerry she had been able to find through her own little snooping. So Jerry does what any outrageous man would do and fakes a romance with his coworker Joseph (Nick Mohammed) who is quite in awe of him. The two almost get fake married for the documents but Christine and Jerry's best friend crash the faux-wedding. Jerry is busted and he has to leave with the other man, but the one final look he gives Christine changes the whole game.

Very uncharacteristically, she refuses to let him go claiming there's nothing remarkable enough about Jerry for him to be such a person of interest to the NSA. He couldn't have possibly known anything significant enough to cause a confidentiality breach, so the NSA was possibly looking for a scapegoat to get away with their shady business. Knowing that she's onto them, Jerry's best friend leaves the premises huffing and puffing, and that's when Christine drops the bomb.

She wants to use Jerry as leverage over the NSA to gain confidential information for them in exchange for him. Thus, even though his long term future with the GCHQ remains debatable, for now, he gets to stay. And no, he's not the mole as we were expecting. Turns out the meek, gentle Mary (Jane Stanness), always fumbling with insane outfits and pencils at odd places, is the mole.

The incessant calls she was getting from her mother were quite possibly from the Kazakh people she has been working for. It sets up a nice backdrop for Season 2 to begin with, but production still remains a far off prospect. 'Intelligence' will be available for streaming with all six episodes from July 15 on Peacock.

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