Instagram ordered to reveal details about anonymous troll who targeted fitness guru Ashy Bines

Instagram has been ordered by a court to provide details about the holder of the page titled 'S**t Ashy Bines Says'

                            Instagram ordered to reveal details about anonymous troll who targeted fitness guru Ashy Bines
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An Instagram page holder is being sued for defamation. Ashy Bines' best friend claims that an Instagram page named 'S**t Ashy Bines Says 3' has cost her clothing label $630,000 worth of business.

Gretchen Vonlanthen, owner of Gretty Rose The Label believes that the troll page which targets Ashy has caused her business to incur a large amount of loss. The page is one of the several pages that defamed Gretchen and Ashy who also holds share in the company, according to Daily Mail

On Monday (June 11), justice Roger Derrington made an order to The Hague Convention for allowing Instagram to share details about the person who has created the page. The court document claims that the page has wrongly made statements which state that Gretchen was "dumb, greedy, pretentious, a snob, a liar, and was ripping people off". This is not the first time that Gretchen has sued an Instagram page. 

Back in April, an anonymous account, 'Jane Doe' was sued by her and her company over defamation. At the same time, four other women were sued who were allegedly in charge of two Facebook groups and two Instagram accounts. 

Under The Hague Convention order, Instagram is bound to provide the details that have been requested by the court. This includes the real name of the Instagram holder, email address, phone number and IP address linked to the account. 

Justice Derrington agreed that the company had "suffered significantly as a result of the social media attack upon them" after looking at the evidence that was presented in the court. He told Gretchen's lawyer, Samuel Barber, that the comments which were made on the site were 'appalling and vulgar'. "So this is what is called social media is it?" he said according to the tabloid. 

To this, Samuel replied, "In its poorest form."

Time and again Ashy has found herself in trouble. In April, the fitness guru was slammed for faking the ratings of her app,  Ashy Bines Squad. People started commenting how they were asked to give the app a five star despite their countless complaints about problems with the app. Many complained about how they had been charged for things they did not subscribe to. 

"Was emailed and asked to leave a review of 5 stars. Given the issues I have had being illegally charged for stuff when I didn’t give consent, and that I was blocked from the online forums for asking for help with this… seems a bit rich!” one user wrote. Meanwhile, others noted that they had been “bribed” to leave a five-star review in “exchange for a reward”.

These have decreased her credibility in the past.