Instagram model Lindi Lee Nunziato spends $65,000 on multiple cosmetic surgeries to look just like Jessica Rabbit: 'It's been worth it'

Lindi Lee Nunziato, 31, said she underwent all the surgeries because of her obsession with Jessica Rabbit since she was a child,.

                            Instagram model Lindi Lee Nunziato spends $65,000 on multiple cosmetic surgeries to look just like Jessica Rabbit: 'It's been worth it'

An Instagram model who spent tens of thousands of dollars on multiple surgeries in a bid to look like Jessica Rabbit says "it's all been worth it" and that she gets marriage proposals on social media every day. Lindi Lee Nunziato, 31, from Citrus County, Florida, has built up a following of 1.4 million on Instagram since she started posting her provocative and racy images on the social media platform, and she says it was all inspired from a childhood obsession with Jessica Rabbit.

"I started getting surgeries when I was just 19 years old," she told the Sun in an interview. "Since I was a kid I've always wanted extremely large breasts, I blame Jessica Rabbit!" Just like Jessica Rabbit, the wife of Roger Rabbit in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' who became renowned as of the most well-known sex symbols in animation because of her busty figure, Nunziato has earned quite the reputation thanks to her own breasts. She also plays into the notion that she looks similar to Jessica, comparing herself to the popular cartoon character in some of her posts, and in the process, drawing thousands of likes.

The 31-year-old's breasts are the result of her undergoing three separate surgeries, though those are not the only features she has worked on in the operating room.


She has shelled out over $65,000 on cosmetic surgeries, and some of them proved to be quite painful to endure as per her admission. She warned other girls from going down a similar path without conducting extensive research on the subject. "I didn't have enough fat," she said, speaking about the time she underwent liposuction. "It hurt my body more than it helped me achieve the look I wanted. Do your research. Don't do it for attention or social media." However, she clarified that despite those difficulties, it has helped her more than it has proved detrimental. 

They have helped her in getting her wide attention on social media, which evidenced by the growing number of marriage proposals she receives every day, she offered. Her followers, she says, have been kind to compliment her and always motivate her by giving her flowers, ordering food, sending her presents and doing some nice things for her in general, for which she is very grateful.  She said that, while she doesn't make money directly from posting on her Instagram page, she did receive a lot of modeling bookings and subscribers to her steamy private subscription site.But according to Nunziato, her curvaceous figure is not her best trait. She insisted it was her eyes. "Everything else about me, I just look and see how I can improve it," she said. "People do jump to conclusions about me,  but I'm just trying to be my best self," she added.

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