James Lipton steps down as host of 'Inside the Actors Studio': Top 5 moments from the show

The show which has been on air since 1994, will move from Bravo to Ovation for its 23rd season in 2019

                            James Lipton steps down as host of 'Inside the Actors Studio': Top 5 moments from the show

'Inside the Actors Studio' has been quite popular as the revolutionary in-conversation series, where actors have elaborately spoken exclusively about their craft. For years, host James Lipton had carried forward the almost 24-year long legacy of the show, which has been on air since 1994, but sadly - he won't be reprising his role as the moderator in the upcoming season 23 of the show, which moves from Bravo to Ovation.

Over the years, Lipton had grown to be the earnest emblem of the show, and without him, it's quite hard to fathom at this point how the show would go on. And perhaps, due to resonating with similar feelings, the show bosses have decided on a rotating cast of guest hosts to appear on the program, reports Vulture.

While the show will continue to be filmed at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts at Pace University’s New York City campus, and Ovation promises to air old episodes from the Studio's archives, it doesn't entirely offer a solace. Of course, Lipton's creation will live on through new episodes that will begin airing in fall of 2019, but let's just take a round-up of the five best moments from the show with him as the host.

1. Dave Chapelle talks toxic Hollywood

There was a completely different aesthetic about this episode in terms of its aura; not only was Chapelle sitting casually with a cigarette as he went on and on about Martin Lawrence's genuine kindness, but he also expressed how sick and toxic the world of Hollywood can be. "A weak person cannot get to sit here and talk to you," he shares about the toughness and grit required to survive in the industry. He also addresses how loosely coined the term "crazy" is, and how frequently it's used in a dismissive context - which gets only more and more real in the contemporary social climate. 
Also, there was a bonus surprise with the host and he guest indulging in a dance off that absolutely can't be missed!

2. Robin Williams' improvising


It's hard to forget Robin Williams going on a rambling rant of sorts when it came to describing his art as an improv. He is swift, rapid, and unpredictable. The audience is in splits the moment Lipton asks Williams "what the hell is going on in his mind" when it comes to improvising, and with sheer expertise, Williams showcases exactly why he is the best in the field. And no, it's not just because he "can use a world like delicatessen and know what it means."

3. George Clooney on being yourself

Very casually, Clooney points out that there's no proving that you're the right person for a role. "The product you're selling is you," he explains to one of the students asking him how to handle rejection and prove oneself fit for a role. "We're all salesmen, but the product you're selling is completely and extremely personal." He addresses rejection saying it costs one every time, probably why actors are celebrated when they are celebrities because they risk humiliation every single time they are up for an audition.

4. Steven Spielberg on his parents

This went on to be one of those moments where Lipton singlehandedly answered a question for Spielberg, right after questioning him himself. Speilberg was asked about his father (a computer scientist) and his mother (a musician) and how they communicate when a spaceship lands. And very eloquently, and effortlessly, Lipton answered that they "make music on their computers and they're able to speak to each other." Spielberg ensured to thank him for that beautiful analogy too.

5. Bradley Cooper up, close and personal

For those ardent fans of the Hangover actor, this video serves as a messiah. It's Cooper raw and unplugged, in a nuthell and there's no better treat than that.

In a long career of bringing out the best in actors when it comes to their craft, Saturday Night Live paid tribute to Lipton's own craft in a sketch where Will Ferrell played him. Check out the piece below: