'Inhuman Resources' aka 'Dérapages': Fans laud Eric Cantona for keeping 'reputation' intact in Netflix thriller

The way Delambre deals with confrontation has won hearts on social media, with fans believing that only Cantona could have done justice to the role

                            'Inhuman Resources' aka 'Dérapages': Fans laud Eric Cantona for keeping 'reputation' intact in Netflix thriller
Eric Cantona as Delambre (Netflix)

This article contains spoilers

Pierre Lemaitre's noir thriller 'Inhuman Resources' is a six-episode Netflix series now, and fans are thrilled with how closely the on-screen adaptation matches the original book. That's one section of the fandom, while another is just ecstatic about Eric Cantona playing a disgruntled, head butting, former corporate slave who unleashes his wrath on capitalism that has ruined his life.

Coming from director Ziad Doueiri based on Lemaitre's book, and co-written for the screen by him and Perrine Margaine, 'Inhuman Resources' sees Cantona as the jaded Alain Delambre, who decides to simulate a hostage situation as part of his new job after six years of painful unemployment. When his integrity kicks in and he decides to play the corporate bosses in their own game by taking his employers hostage too, his plan fails drastically. Eventually, he has to surrender, and thus begins a story of crafty manipulation around the 200 million euros he stole from the boss before he was caught. 

In the process of weaseling his way into earning everybody's sympathy as the anti-hero, Delambre loses his wife and daughters to his own greed, as we see him evolve into the money-starved man he becomes by the end. Fans believe the tense aura of the book reflects in the series, as one of them shared on Twitter: "With all this situation right now i haven’t been this excited in a while... but my favorite book was made into a tv series and is finally out. Glad to see it is just as good as the original."

But before all of that eventual transformation could happen, it is simply the way Delambre deals with confrontation that has won hearts on social media. For example, when the a**hole manager at one of the petty jobs he does mistreats him, Delambre straight up headbutts the man. Later when his condescending son-in-law Gregory makes fun of his financial status, Delambre head butts him too, in classic Cantona style, reminding us of the former footballer's infamous 'kung-fu' kicking days. 

Taking notice of just how cut out for the role of Delambre Cantona is, a fan shared on Twitter: "Crikey! Eric Cantona? Starring in a six-part series of INHUMAN RESOURCES by Pierre Lemaitre? With his reputation? Bingo!" This reputation refers to Cantona infamously kicking a Crystal Palace fan back during a 1995 game between Manchester United and the other team. And honestly, Delambre's whole arc up the hill and down involves equally bizarre yet legendary things that Cantona has made news for.

Another simply teased other fans, sharing: "Just started what looks like a Cracking new series on Netflix called inhuman resources and you’ll never guess who the main lead is played by .. i’l give you a clue: 'when the seagulls fly over the trawler'". This referred to that bizarre remark Cantona made at a press conference, where he mocked the media hunting and snooping around him for a crumb of a story, saying: "When seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea."

'Inhuman Resources' aka Dérapages' premiered on Friday, May 15, only on Netflix.

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