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'Inhuman Resources' aka 'Dérapages' Ending Explained: What happens to the 200 million euros Alain Delambre stole?

Delambre believes the money belonged to him because he earned it, but with everything he lost to acquire that money does it ultimately stay with him?
Eric Cantona as Alain Delambre, Suzanne Clemente as Alain's wife, Nicole (Netflix)
Eric Cantona as Alain Delambre, Suzanne Clemente as Alain's wife, Nicole (Netflix)

Contains spoilers for 'Inhuman Resources'

After a series of twists along the noir journey of Alain Delambre (Eric Cantona), Netflix's 'Inhuman Resources' aka 'Dérapages' ends his trials and tribulations with him craftily manipulating his way out of a five-year-sentence. Returning from the brink of being accused of taking several corporate executives and their boss hostage, Delambre's only remaining problem is how to keep the money he stole from the company while he kept them hostage.

Out as a free man with a flourishing book deal, Delambre's life is upended when his ex-wife is kidnapped by the same people he used to get out of jail; does he return the money, or run away revealing his true, scheming, manipulative self?

Right from the start, money was Delambre's only motive. Jaded and disgruntled by the way the world mistreated him during his six, tiresome years of unemployment, Delambre decided to opt for the first job interview he got, even if the job meant holding the company's executives as hostages to test them on their capability to fight chaos and panic. Soon Delambre realizes he is being used as a pawn by Alexandre Dorfmann (Alex Lutz) for his heinous intent of ruling the corporate world, and this triggers Delambre's rebellion to play the capitalist overlords in their own game.

He ambushes them at the job with a hidden gun he carried, and takes Dorfmann and all of his employees as hostage - a stunt that doesn't end well for him.

Imminently crumbling under the weight of what he has done, Delambre surrenders, heading straight to jail as this is only the peak of his fall from grace. As if emotionally blackmailing his daughter, and assaulting her husband wasn't crime enough, Delambre decides to use his now estranged wife's company as a trophy around his image. He blackmails Dorfmann with the stolen money, promising to return it only if he forces his employees to lie, and the book on his life only glorifies him in the public eye. At the end of his trial, in her closing sentences, his own daughter argues for her father's integrity, citing how he has been broken and crippled by what the world and its biases have done to him. And how ironic must this all be as soon she discovers her father was simply using her to break down in court, to have the sympathy of the jury and head out scott free.

When Dorfmann kidnaps Delambre's wife and has a confrontation with Delambre about the money he stole, the older man defends himself claiming he did only what Dorfmann was doing to him. He defends all of this manipulation and efforts to keep the money to himself, claiming the money belongs to him because he earned it. All this time, Delambre's wife is overhearing the confrontation and it also becomes clear to her just how greedy her ex-husband has become. He is ready to waste time debating on the money, instead of paying up to save her and soon, there's not a single loved one siding with Delambre.

As the question emerges whether Delambre is a manipulator or a true victim of society's hungry capitalism, the options can't be binary. There's no denying the depths of his manipulation, always twisting the story to fit his defense. But he was also a victim of his true self - the one that he had managed to keep hidden. With his wife and daughters both gone, the only person Delambre had on his side was his good friend Charlie - who pretty much helped him achieve everything in the hostage situation. And with Charlie driving his RV into Dorfmann's vehicle, which results in both of them dying, Delambre's selfish intent makes him lose everything and everyone he loved. The end sees him suiting up to win back his family as he sets off on a mission to 'launder 200 million euros', thus setting the perfect backdrop for a second season. And that is pretty much all he got, his manipulative instincts having driven everyone away.

'Inhuman Resources' aka 'Dérapages' premiered on Friday, May 15, only on Netflix.