'In the Dark' Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Jess learns more about the drugs as Murphy takes a dangerous decision

Jess is again the MVP this time and though part of what was hidden from her is revealed, we feel she may become more involved with Nia

                            'In the Dark' Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Jess learns more about the drugs as Murphy takes a dangerous decision
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Spoilers for 'In the Dark' Season 2 Episode 6 'The Truth Hurts'

When it comes to a show like 'In the Dark' on The CW, there are a lot of secrets. Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld), Felix Bell (Morgan Krantz) and Jess Damon (Brooke Markham) are trying to hide that they are laundering money for Nia Bailey (Nicki Micheaux). Murphy and Felix are also hiding and transporting Nia's drugs from Jess to protect her. Dean Riley (Rich Sommer) is trying to hide his past — that he worked for Nia and killed a teenage boy — from his colleagues and his daughter, Chloe (Calle Walton). Then there is last week's bombshell reveal. Jess's new girlfriend Sterling (Natalie Liconti) is hiding the fact that she is actually Nia's henchwoman, Sam's (Cortni Vaughn Joyner) girlfriend, and that she is actually spying on Murphy and her friends.

This week's episode shows us exactly why Sterling showed up in Jess's life. Sam had asked her to get close to the trio. However, Sam is starting to notice some things, and to be honest, so are we. First, Sterling goes straight to bed instead of sharing some cuddle time with Sam. Then, we see her give a slight smile when she wakes up to Jess's message. Of course, this must be what finally prompts Sam to kidnap Jess and take her to Nia. At first, Nia does not want to do anything with her and understands that it is Sam's jealousy that brought Jess there. Then, when she realizes that Jess doesn't know about the drugs, she thinks that they can't trust Jess assuming that Murphy doesn't trust Jess.

Jess and Sterling in 'In the Dark' (The CW)

Just as soon as Sam and Nia are about to "handle" Jess, one of Nia's competitor, Josiah's men, shoots Nia. In the panic, Jess tries to save Nia — she is successful and even gets Sam to help move Nia to Guiding Hope to operate on her. It also seems like Sam could be okay with Jess, which is why she asks Sterling later to break up with Jess. Of course, Jess's newfound knowledge does nothing to help her and Murphy's friendship. Murphy was away all night "helping" Josh Wallace (Theodore Bhat), the IRS officer who is going blind. When Murphy understood that Josh was working on Nia's case, she tried to get close to him to click photos of his files. While she wasn't able to get those photos, she shares some sweet moments with the guy, and as both Felix and Jess pointed out, Murphy could end up sleeping with him.

Felix, meanwhile, is trying to make a drop for Nia but is diverted when Chelsea (Lindsey Broad) ends up coming to Guiding Hope to give him company. Though Felix tries to shake her many times, she still sticks to him, but this may end up being good. The woman Felix was supposed to meet ends up being investigated by Dean and his partner, Gene Clemens (Matt Murray), who arrest her for possession. All these events lead to other consequences — with Jess at outs with Murphy, the latter finally decides to help Darnell James (Keston John) take down Nia. Meanwhile, when a shipment from the arrested woman fails to make it to the prison, Max Parish (Casey Deidrick) could be in danger again.

With the plot getting more complicated, we wonder where this will take our trio to. What started out as a simple murder investigation now has Murphy, Felix and Jess embroiled in things far out of their expertise. Meanwhile, Murphy's growing attachment to Josh threatens whatever she may have left with Max and herself, considering that he is investigating Nia. What Jess did in this week's episode could see Nia roping her in to help her more. And like we said before, our girl Jess deserves better.

'In the Dark' airs on The CW on Thursday nights at 9/8c.

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