'In the Dark' Season 2 Episode 12 Review: The search for the drugs continue as Sam and Dean seek revenge

Murphy and the others are racing against time to find Nia's hidden drugs, but so is Dean. Unfortunately, Sam's not far behind

                            'In the Dark' Season 2 Episode 12 Review: The search for the drugs continue as Sam and Dean seek revenge
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Spoilers for 'In the Dark' Season 2 Episode 12 'Where Have You Ben?'

We are one episode away from the end of 'In the Dark' on The CW. Has it been an excellent season? We will wait for the season finale to answer that question, however, we will say that the plot has become as convoluted as it can be. Nia Bailey (Nicki Micheaux) is dead, Dean Riley (Rich Sommer) is no longer a cop and the Guiding Hope gang -- comprising of Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld), Jess Damon (Brooke Markham), Felix Bell (Morgan Krantz), and Max Parish (Casey Deidrick)  -- have drugs to recover before they are killed.

Last week's episode saw the Guiding Hope gang bury the bodies of both Nia and Ben (Chris Perfetti) with the help of Sterling (Natalie Liconti). However, just as they got to Murphy's home, Nia's competitor, Josiah (Maurice Compte) was waiting for them to tell them that he wants Nia's drugs or else. Thus begins the search for the drugs Ben hid. After Max noticed that Dean's former partner, Gene Clemens (Matt Murray) was keeping an eye on them, they got Ben to transport the drugs. Only, Ben being the manipulative user that he is, hid the drugs, got high, overdosed and died. So at this point, nobody knows where Ben hid the drugs.

Where is Nia's shipment?

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First, Murphy asks Felix to go to Ben's sister, Chelsea (Lindsey Broad), to ask for more information on Ben since Felix used to date her. Felix rightfully feels iffy about it but knowing they have no other option he does it. An awkward encounter ensues, but Felix gets the location of a storage room where Ben likes to hang out. As Felix went after the information, the others go back to the body to retrieve Ben's keys from his body. Max is visibly upset at Murphy because earlier, she was visited by the IRS officer, Josh Wallace (Theodore Bhat), whom Murphy is now kind of seeing. While Max remained hidden in Murphy's room, Murphy and Josh flirted.

Armed with the keys and the storage room location, all four of them head there. Unfortunately, Nia's henchwoman, Sam (Cortni Vaughn Joyner) is right behind them as she seeks to kill them as revenge for Nia's death. Just as Sam reaches them, they rush and hide inside Chelsea's storage room. Before she can do anything else, she is arrested -- Sterling had gone to the police earlier and told them that Sam killed Jules Baker (Saycon Sengbloh). She even told Gene all about what was going on, but more on that later. However, the drugs are not in Chelsea's storage room.

Unfortunately, it's not just Murphy and the others who are looking for Nia's shipment of drugs hidden by Ben. Dean, after he found out that Nia was killed, figured that his best bet was to find the drugs himself. Illegally posing as a police officer (no one knows he was fired), Dean goes around asking questions about Ben. When he realizes that Chelsea is Ben's sister, he manipulates Chelsea and her colleague into letting him search their bar without a warrant. He even -- as Chelsea puts it -- ransacks the place. Once he realizes the drugs are not there, he leaves.

It takes a while, but the Guiding Hope gang figures out where the drugs could be. However, when they head there, the location is empty. Just as they wonder who took them, Dean shows up and tells them he wants to talk. At this point, Dean's plan could be anybody's guess. Is he going to try and strike a deal with Josiah? Or is he going to keep manipulating the Guiding Hope gang, and especially Murphy? Has Dean become completely irredeemable now even considering his relationship with his daughter. At least now we know the answers will come soon since there is only one episode left to the season.

Gene gets the truth

Dean and Gene in 'In the Dark' (The CW)

While Dean was out looking out for his own self, Gene kept at the case, trying to do Dean proud. During his interrogation of Sterling, the latter spills everything about Nia and Guiding Hope's role in it -- all to protect Jess and the others from Sam. However, since he cannot understand why Nia had Jules killed, he finds Darnell James (Keston John) to talk to him about it. Darnell is not happy about this intrusion of his old life into his new one and he certainly seems frustrated with Gene. He even tells Gene that evidence was planted on him regarding Tyson's murder and when Gene asks why, Darnell tells him to ask Dean.

We hope by now Gene is clued in on the kind of person Dean really is. Could Gene actually lead to Dean's downfall? That could be the case and with Dean now trying to strike up some sort of arrangement with the Guiding Hope kids, Gene might be more suspicious.

Final thoughts

Dean's relationship with his daughter also sours this week when she realizes that he has been lying about going to work. Nothing happens accidentally on TV dramas, so we wonder if this is setting up for some sort of tragic event involving the two. 

Meanwhile, we see Murphy gravitating more towards Josh than Max because she likes who she is with him. We completely understand Max's frustrations at this point and it is not the first time Murphy has wavered on her commitment towards him. This is more frustrating given that they are all in this mess because of what Murphy took on to protect Max. Murphy just seems like someone with no personal growth.

The Season 2 finale for 'In the Dark' airs on July 9 on The CW at 9/8c.

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