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'In the Dark' Season 2 Episode 12 Preview: Josiah's threats loom above the team as Dean tries to one-up Murphy

Josiah gives Murphy and her friends until midnight to recover the drugs and get it to him and so begins the team's search for the drugs
(The CW)
(The CW)

The season finale for the second season of 'In the Dark' is just a week away, but before that, we have one more episode to get through to see where our heroes are headed. At the moment, Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld) and her friends have tied themselves in a convoluted thread of lies, murder, and deception. While we don't know how this season ends, we think that Murphy will pull yet another lucky escape.

At the end of last week's episode, after burying the bodies of Nia Bailey (Nicki Micheaux) and Ben (Chris Perfetti), Murphy, Max Parish (Casey Deidrick), Jess Damon (Brooke Markham), and Felix Bell (Morgan Krantz) head to Murphy's apartment -- only to find Nia's competitor, Josiah (Maurice Compte) petting Murphy's guide dog, Pretzel (Levi).

Josiah is waiting for Nia's drugs that Murphy promised but they were stolen by Ben and hid somewhere unknown to the others. Josiah gives them until midnight to recover the drugs and get it to him and so begins their search for the drugs. They're not the only ones searching for the hidden drugs. Former police officer, Dean Riley (Rich Sommer) is on the chase as well after learning of Nia's death. With his job gone, he was relying on payment from Nia to support himself and his daughter after betraying Murphy, again. Now, he will have to get his own hands dirty while he finds out more about Ben so he can get to Ben's hiding place.

Meanwhile, Dean's former partner, Gene Clemens (Matt Murray) is still on the case, possibly to try and make Dean proud, though the latter does not deserve it. He begins connecting the dots between Nia, Murphy and the others. This will lead him to question Darnell James (Keston John), Nia's brother, and Murphy's friend. Could what he learns finally clue Gene in on what kind of person Dean really is?

Finally, Nia's henchwoman, Sam (Cortni Vaughn Joyner) is on a trail of death and destruction as she single-handedly pursues Murphy and the others for revenge. We now see that Sam's loyalty was truly motivated by what she owed Nia, rather than the money in the business. That only makes her more frightening and we hope that the Guiding Hope kids make it out alive.

'In the Dark' airs on The CW on Thursday nights at 9/8c. Watch the promo for this week's episode below.