'In From The Cold' Ending Explained: How did Jenny save her daughter and catch Gideon?

Jenny was feeling helpless after her daughter was kidnapped and she was not able to find her

                            'In From The Cold' Ending Explained: How did Jenny save her daughter and catch Gideon?
Margarita Levieva as Jenny Franklin'In From The Cold'(IMDb)

Netflix's 'In From The Cold' will blow your mind as you witness the struggles and problems the single mother has to face after stepping back into her past and brushing up on her skills as a former spy for her daughter's sake.

In Episode 7 of Netflix's thriller series 'In From the Cold', Jenny suddenly finds her daughter has gone missing, kidnapped by someone. In addition, she is hurt after realizing that Chauncey was lying to her about everything. He had kept an eye on all her activities by cleverly implanting a camera in her eyes. Being a good mother, her worst nighmare has come true — her daughter has disappeared and may be in pain or danger. So naturally, Jenny leaves no stone unturned to get a hint about her daughter's whereabouts but finds none. Jenny feels betrayed and helpless at this point in the series even as she broods about other hidden secrets being kept from her.


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Jenny tries to contact every suspect, but she doesn't know that Gideon has kidnapped her daughter. But then she uncovers a big secret. To her shock, she realizes Gideon is none other than her mama Svetlana who had always guided and supported her from an early age. On the other hand, there is Chauncey and Chris trying to convince the CIA by telling them every truth they know, gaining their trust and asking for a helping hand to find Gideon — the Mastermind.

Gideon played it smart, controlling everyone like Linda, Damian as well as Jenny's daughter Brecca. She turned out to be a very selfish and brilliant woman who did everything possible to achieve her mission. She even spread rumours that Spain's prime minister would be killed to divert everyone's attention. But Jenny as the 'super lady' of the series not only saves her daughter Brecca but also kills Gideon, her mama. Although Jenny is devastated about killing her own mother even though Gideon was the evil genius behind all her problems, she also knows she didn't have much choice in the matter.

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