Only a 100 different possibilities: Man woos 'dream girl' just enough to get 80% of her number on napkin

Only a 100 different possibilities: Man woos 'dream girl' just enough to get 80% of her number on napkin
The woman gave the man only 8 out of the 10 digits of her number (@HenpeckedHal/ Twitter)

A woman named Jackie made a move straight out of a romantic movie, and as a result, the internet is supporting her possible suitor. At a bar, Jackie met a man and ended up giving him her phone number, but there was a catch: she only gave 80% of her number.

On January 17, Twitter user Henpecked Hal posted a picture of the serviette with a partial phone number printed on it, letting the world know. Hal tweeted, "My 22 year old cousin met his dream girl at a bar and it's going pretty well."


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"Call me! "I'm worth it. 512-3*1-2*04," the message read. The cousin apparently informed him that he met his "dream girl," and then he inquired, "Did you get her number?" "Most of it," the cousin retorted. The tweet included a picture of a phone book that the cousin had used to contact the elusive Jackie.



'I'm Jackie from the tweet!'

The tweet has received more than 776,000 likes, nearly 60,000 retweets, and 85.6 million views. The following day, Hal said that the woman contacted him. "Heeeeyyy, so you likely won't see this but I'm Jackie from the tweet!" a screenshot of her message read. Hal blacked out the rest of the message to hide her identity as she continued, "Tell your cousin that next time I see him I'm going to..."


'He may not be as clever as he thinks'

Hal replied, "I just talked to him! WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER????" He added, "He said he's halfway through the list, which means he's actually like 10 per cent of the way through it." "He may not be as clever as he thinks," Jackie responded, "Give me HIS number, I'm taking over this operation." Many individuals who left comments under the post claimed that Jackie was cold or conceited for being elusive and made the poor man dial 100 different numbers just to identify her. Hal, however, asserts that everything is a continuation of their chat from the bar.



Some commenters have claimed that the narrative is a fabrication. Someone pointed out that Jackie's phone number from the napkin's "5" could be the indentation at the top of the notebook page with the phone digits on it. The depression on the serviette suggests that Hal scribbled on it while it was resting on top of the notepad. However, other people noted that the writing could have been more consistent.

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 'I'm worth it': 'Dream girl' gives man 80% of her number on napkin