'I'm No Longer Here': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's Mexican drama

'I'm No Longer Here': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's Mexican drama

Slowly, but steadily, crime drama is becoming Netflix's forte, so it only makes sense that 2019's limited release Mexican thriller 'I'm No Longer Here' would make its official on disc and streaming debut on the platform. Having reigned as the supreme leader of the 'Los Terkos' street gang, the movie sees 17-year-old Ulises Samperio leave his flashy, Kolombianos life behind when cartel wars take over his life. He finds himself in the midst of Queens, New York City, constantly questioning if his stay in a foreign country while aching to return home. 


Release date

Although released in 2019, 'I'm No Longer Here' is premiering globally on Wednesday, May 27, at midnight, only on Netflix.

Ulises (M) with his mother (R) (IMDb)



Also called 'Ya No Estoy Aquí', IMDb reveals the plots kicks off when "After a misunderstanding with a local cartel, a young man is forced to leave behind his family, friends, and everything he loves." Rotten Tomatoes elaborates further, describing "In the mountains of Monterrey, Mexico, a small street gang named Los Terkos spend their days listening to slowed down cumbia music and attending dance parties, showing off their outfits, hairstyles and gang alliances. These different bands of disaffected youth refer to themselves as Kolombianos, combining the Cholo culture with Colombian music. Ulises Samperio the leader of Los Terkos, tries to protect his friends from the nefarious elements of a quickly evolving drug/political war, but after a misunderstanding with a local cartel, he is forced to leave for Jackson Heights, Queens, a diverse immigrant community in New York City. Ulises tries to assimilate, but when he learns that his gang and the whole Kolombia culture is under threat, he questions his place in America and longs to return home.



The film is written and directed by Fernando Frías de la Parra known for his work in films such as 'Rezeta' (2012), and 'Calentamiento Local' (2008).

Ulises with his gang (IMDb)



The film features Juan Daniel García Trevino as Los Terkos leader Ulises Sampiero, Brandon Yahir Alday Vazquez as Sudadera, Adriana Arbelaes as Gladys, Xueming Angelina Chen as Lin, Jonathan Fernando Espinoza Gamez as Jeremy, and Leonardo Ernesto Garza Avila as Pekesillo.


Get a full taste of the Kolombianos charm and Ulises eventual predicament in the trailer right here: 



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