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Who is Illma Gore? Evan Rachel Wood's GF denies coercing woman to accuse Marilyn Manson of assault

Marilyn Manson said the 'malicious' and 'false' sexual abuse allegations which 'derailed his successful music, TV and film career'
UPDATED NOV 26, 2022
Marilyn Manson (R) accuses Evan Rachel Wood (L) and Ashley 'Illma' Gore (M) of intentional infliction of emotional distress (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, @illmagore/Instagram, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Marilyn Manson (R) accuses Evan Rachel Wood (L) and Ashley 'Illma' Gore (M) of intentional infliction of emotional distress (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, @illmagore/Instagram, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELS, CALIFORNIA: Ashley "Illma" Gore, the girlfriend of actress Evan Rachel Wood, has refuted claims that she forced a woman to accuse Marilyn Manson of assault. Manson is suing Wood and Gore, stars of ‘Westworld’, for defamation over “malicious” and “false” charges of sexual assault that, in his words, “derailed his successful music, TV, and film career.”

Wood, 34, asserted that Manson "brainwashed and manipulated her into submission” and “started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years." Jackson Trugman, Manson's attorney, said in court in late September that Gore had enlisted additional women to level abuse allegations against his client using an apparently falsified FBI letter. Gore claimed she was contacting Manson's ex-wives and other women for a documentary called ‘Phoenix Rising’ and refuted Manson's claims in recently filed court records. The two-part HBO documentary series, which debuted in March, explores Wood's allegations of Manson's abuse and advocates for the Phoenix Act which would extend the statute of limitations for domestic violence cases in California.


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Marilyn Manson sues ex Evan Rachel Wood and her lover over fake FBI letter accusing him of sexual abuse


Gore, a visual artist, told any women who came forward that they were under "no pressure" and said that there is "no evidence of a single woman" being pressured into reporting Manson, according to Radar Online. She asserted that the several lawsuits and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department inquiry into the vocalist of the 'Antichrist Superstar' just lead Manson to be "distressed." Gore did not respond to Manson's counterargument that he and Wood were involved in the dissemination of a fictitious FBI letter accusing the rocker of being under investigation for abusing women sexually. Furthermore, Wood commented that she did not circulate the false FBI letter in a written statement.

In his lawsuit, 53-year-old Manson, real name Brian Warner, alleges that in their claimed forgery of an FBI letter, they pretended to be an FBI agent in order to circulate the letter in order to "create the false appearance" that Manson's alleged victims and their families were in danger. In order to give the impression that Manson had sent her "illicit pornography," the performer alleges the couple had invented a false email address. Additionally, he charges them of enlisting, organizing and forcing women to level untrue allegations of assault against Manson. Moreover, he claims that Gore gained access to his passwords and social security number through hacking into his computer, phone and email accounts. He alleges that she orchestrated and spread false accusations against him using the data she gleaned from his accounts.

Who is Illma Gore?

Mike Gore, an Australian entrepreneur of real estate, and Karin, his third American wife, welcomed Ashley Illma Gore into the world in 1992. In addition to two half-brothers, Gore has a twin sister. Gore gained notoriety as an artist in 2013 when as part of her work Marriage Equality, she cycled through Brisbane without a shirt on. She screened the writing with the naked skin of her back, "My clothing was mismatched with my rights." She is known for her work in films like 'Queen', 'The Cleaners' and 'We Still Rise'.