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Idaho murders: New theory emerges about survivors 'locking their doors' after hearing noises

The unproven and random theory claimed that the two surviving roommates locked their doors even though they heard a person coming in
Another random internet theory claims a masked person entered the University of Idaho students' home (kayleegoncalves/Instagram; Screenshot from Good Morning America)
Another random internet theory claims a masked person entered the University of Idaho students' home (kayleegoncalves/Instagram; Screenshot from Good Morning America)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: As the investigation into the University of Idaho murders continue, web sleuths are doing their own digging and sharing unproven and random theories on social media. One such theory on Reddit claimed that a masked person, whom users believe might be the suspect, allegedly came inside the house but the two girls who survived, Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen, reportedly locked their door even though they heard the sound of someone coming inside.

The Redditor also posted a screenshot of a message to prove the claim, reportedly adding that the survivors thought the sound was "some random kid" coming inside the house as the house was known as a "party house" for several college community members. Another user wrote under the Reddit thread, “My friend and I are both Idaho grads. My friend was active in Greek life and received this text from a friend the day after the murders happened before any details or names were released. This text was passed from person to person so hard to know where it originated. It seems like most of the text has been true but I’m still confused as to the masked person and who saw them. I do believe the roommates are not responsible but did hear something but thought it was nothing or were too scared to investigate.” 


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“I also received a copy of this text the day of the murder (before any details were out at all) and slowly as the police released more details, they matched this text (two surviving girls, friends coming in the morning to check, etc). So there is some validity in this message that has been proven over time,” yet another user remarked. However, many users seem to wonder why the two survivors didn’t call 911 when they heard the sound of someone coming inside. 


One such person wrote, “It seems possible except I don’t know who would have seen someone entering with a mask and not call 911 immediately” “How did they know he had a mask on? And how did they assume it was a guy? Wouldn't they text their roommates to confirm it isn't them?” another added. “Why would they ask them to come over in the morning and not just alert the authorities? Makes no sense,” yet another user remarked. 



Xana Kernodle, 20, her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, 20, and friends Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, were discovered dead from stab wounds on November 13 in their off-campus home. Anyone with information about the crime or a tip about the victim's whereabouts, or a suspicious person in the area is asked to call 208-883-7180 or email




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