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Who is Cole Bartiromo? NewsBall blogger sets $25K reward for Idaho killer, offers survivors $50K to talk

Cole Bartiromo said he will pay '$50,000 if the surviving roommates Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen will give us an interview'
UPDATED NOV 27, 2022
Cole Bartiromo, owner of NewsBall TV, offers $50K reward if Dylan Mortensen (circled left) and Bethany Funke  (circled right) agree to an interview (NewsBall TV/YouTube and @kayleegoncalves/Instagram)
Cole Bartiromo, owner of NewsBall TV, offers $50K reward if Dylan Mortensen (circled left) and Bethany Funke (circled right) agree to an interview (NewsBall TV/YouTube and @kayleegoncalves/Instagram)

MOSCOW, IDAHO: A week after the killings of four University of Idaho students, Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, in the early hours of November 13, NewsBall TV, a blog that claims to debunk fake news, is now offering a reward of $50,000. This comes after investigators went through more than 1,000 tips that arrived since the bodies were found but failed to locate the suspect or the murder weapon.

The caption of the video, which was uploaded on November 22, read, "The cops & the families need to step up & combine their efforts to make this a million dollar reward or more. No suspect, no murder weapon, no rape, no sexual assault motive, & a recipe for disaster with a party house of a lot of roommates all at the mercy of each other's people, secrets & drama! 2 surviving roommates Dylan Mortenson & Bethany Funke magically spared & they are remaining silent & not giving their thoughts about the unbelievable aspects of this case including how they didn't notice a massacre happening, or blood everywhere, & only thought one of them was "passed out" & never called 911, but some "friends" used Dylan or Bethany's phone to call 911 about an "unconscious person". At this point, a million dollars will get to the bottom of all of this insanity & nonsense, so where is Moscow, Idaho & surrounding agencies to step up & make this a record breaking reward for a never before seen murder mystery out of a slasher horror film!?!?!?" 


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Talking in the video was the channel’s owner, Cole Bartiromo, who said they are “offering $25,000 for the capture of the killer of the quadruple massacre of four college students.” He added, “$50,000 if the surviving roommates Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen will give us an interview. We will let you say whatever you want to say. You can address any of the suspicions or all of them. Set the record straight or simply proclaim your innocence and say you loved your friends."


Commenting further, Cole said, "This got my attention from the first hour because cops unexclusively and inexplicably proclaimed the community safe. The students didn’t believe it.” He questioned, "How can you say that the public is safe when there is quadruple killer on the loose?" Cole also added, “I’ve never heard of a murder story not saying how did the victims die? It’s like nothing to see here, four dead college students; we don’t who it is, public is safe, we are not going to tell how they died.”

"Police you screwed up from the beginning and wasted valuable time and took days FBI to involve," he said and hinted that the cops are hiding something. He stressed on who called 911 and to name the person who made the call because "the caller knows that the cops know that's him or her." Cole then went ahead by saying, "Parents of the victims pull your money together, police department you owe it to put it 500K from your fund, FBI should be putting in a huge amount and it should be a million dollar reward."

Following the video, one of viewers commented by saying, "This muderer, was either insane, serial killer or someone who knew them." Another said, "You hit d nail on the head. The relatives need to offer a reward. Money has a voice, it will fish out d murderer very fast."

Who is Cole Bartiromo?

Cole, 37, is a former scammer, convicted felon, and public speaker from Mission Viejo, California. He officially tagged himself, after his 33-month federal prison sentence until 2010, as The Dollar Scholar. He was involved in various financial schemes and scams like IB2001 that promoted "guaranteed" and "risk-free" returns for investing in sporting investments. These activities garnered him media coverage with him appearing on shows such as 'MoneyTrack,' 'The Dr Phil Show,' and 'Dateline NBC,' among others. Newsball exposes people Cole considers "liars, criminals, or frauds—even if they’re underage teens," according to Daily Beast.


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