Idaho murders: Bryan Kohberger to be housed in separate cell with extra security after extradition

Idaho murders: Bryan Kohberger to be housed in separate cell with extra security after extradition
Bryan Kohberger was arrested on December 30, 2022, in Pennsylvania (Law and Crime/Youtube, Monroe County Correctional Facility)

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LATAH COUNTY, IDAHO: Bryan Kohberger, the suspect charged with the murders of four University of Idaho students, will reportedly be held in a separate cell in the Latah County jail after being extradited to Idaho.

The 28-year-old Washington University graduate was arrested on Friday, December 30, 2022, in Pennsylvania for the November 13 murders of Kaylee Gonvalves, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Madison Mogen, 21. Kohberger agreed to his extradition to Idaho during his first appearance in a Pennsylvania court on Tuesday, January 3. He will be transported to the state within 10 days, according to Newsweek.



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Following the hearing, Latah County Sheriff Richard Skiles told Court TV that Kohberger will be airlifted to Idaho, where he will be housed in Latah County jail. The jail only accommodates 40 inmates, and the cells are in the basement of the county courthouse, according to News Nation. Skiles said Kohberger will be housed in a separate cell under tight security and will receive the same treatment as any other inmate. He will have access to the library and the allowance to speak to his family on call.



Bryan Kohberger yelled violent rap lyrics, exposed himself to a female inmate

Kohberger is currently being held in a cell at Monroe County Correctional Facility, where he allegedly tried to expose himself, sang violent rap songs, and threatened guards from his jail cell. Speaking with DailyMail, Valerie Cipollina, 50, who spent six hours on New Year's at the Monroe County Jail on a domestic violence charge, said that Kohberger repeatedly yelled, "I cut them, I'll cut you." Besides, he allegedly yelled at a guard, "You come in here and I'll cut you. I'm going to pee on your face. Do what you want with me, I don't give a s**t."

Idaho murder victims Kaylee Gonvalves, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, and Madison Mogen (xanakernodle/Instagram)


Cipollina said she didn't realize who he was until another inmate told her, "That's the guy who killed those college students." Cipollina, who described Kohberger as "tall, skinny, and young-looking," also claimed he repeatedly lifted his shirt and tried to expose himself to her. "I couldn't see his genitals because the glass wall only went down so far," she said, adding, "I could see him through the polycarbonate glass window of his jail cell. He was standing upright against it, yelling out violent rap lyrics." He also yelled out "F**k my enemies and foes," from Lil Wayne's 'Multiple Flows'.

Meanwhile, a Monroe County public defender for Kohberger has said he “is eager to be exonerated” of the four counts of murder. Michael Mancuso said Kohberger is rushing his extradition to Idaho as he is eager to learn details of the charges and allegations leveled against him in the sealed affidavits. "Having read those documents, and the sealed affidavits of probable cause, I believe that one of the main reasons the defendant chose to waive extradition and hurry his return back to Idaho was the need to know what was in those documents," Mancuso said.

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