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Idaho murders: Kaylee Goncalves's family 'feel' police cleared a 'couple of individuals very fast'

Kaylee Goncalves' family was also exasperated by the fact that law enforcement gave them very little information
Kaylee Goncalves' parents reportedly said they were unhappy that some individuals were cleared too soon (kayleegoncalves/Instagram)
Kaylee Goncalves' parents reportedly said they were unhappy that some individuals were cleared too soon (kayleegoncalves/Instagram)

This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

MOSCOW, IDAHO: In a recent interview, the family of Kaylee Goncalves, one of the victims of the University of Idaho murders, expressed their frustration with authorities for "clearing possible suspects very fast." During the interview, News Nation's senior national correspondent Brian Entin asked her family if they had noticed anything unusual. He reportedly asked, “Is anyone acting since the murder? Since the murder. I mean, is there anyone that you have a weird feeling about that.” 

Goncalves' sister Alivea responded, "Yeah I would say I am not in the immediate circle by any means. But few of the names have been circulating around. I think it’s hard not to kind of you know dig into it. We have so little information from law enforcement.” When asked if they could think of any such names that they suspect, the family all agreed together by saying that they “just feel like there has been a couple of individuals that were cleared very fast that maybe shouldn’t have been.” The family also asserted that they still did not believe that Goncalves' ex Jack DuCoeur was the killer. 


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Earlier, in an interview with Fox, the family said that officials were "wasting their time" investigating DuCoeur. "They're wasting their time with Jack. And Jack is just as distraught as we are. Jack is our family. Jack is 1,000%. 2,000% our family, and Jack is with us, and we stand behind him 100%,” they reportedly said. In another interview, Steve refused to blame law enforcement and called them "hardworking individuals" and that he would be "doomed" without them when asked whether he had any fresh information or perspective on the matter. 


“It's hard for me to give up as a father,” he reportedly said. Meanwhile, the investigation is in its third week and cops are yet to make a breakthrough or any arrests. Idaho State Police's Communications Director Aaron Snell reportedly said that his team was reviewing footage, that may contain clues. Authorities are also appealing to anyone with information to come forward. Anyone with information about the crime or a tip about the victim's whereabouts, or a suspicious person in the area is asked to call 208-883-7180 or email