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Brittany calls Matt 'p**** a** prima donna b****', 'I Love A Mama's Boy' fans say 'love that girl'

'I have never heard a more accurate description of Matt than Brittany just gave in the preview for next week. #iloveamamasboy,' wrote a fan
'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars Matt and Brittany (TLC)
'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars Matt and Brittany (TLC)

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: If you thought Kim Cobb dumping Matt on 'I Love A Mama's Boy' was iconic, then wait till you hear about Brittany. After getting dumped by Kim, Matt quickly moved on with dental hygienist Brittany. Unfortunately, history repeated itself when Matt's overbearing mother Kelly came into the picture. Though things were going pretty smoothly between the couple, Kelly instantly disapproved of Brittany saying she was too 'snarky'. 

After hearing his mother's assessment of his new lady, it looks like Matt decided to continue his search for finding love without informing Brittany! While Brittany was under the impression that they were in an exclusive relationship, Matt was seeing other people. Eventually, Brittany discovered Matt's dating life and confronted him if he was seeing other people. He lied and told her that he wasn't seeing anybody. But long Kelly's insistence, Matt decided to come clean to Brittany. If you're wondering how that went, then let's just say Brittany didn't hold back and put Matt in his place. In the preview clip released by the network, Brittany can be seen shouting at Matt calling him 'p**** a** prima donna b****', while Matt walked away towards his car hurriedly muttering he would call cops on her!


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'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars Kelly and Matt (TLC)
'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars Kelly and Matt (TLC)

When fans saw this little sneak peek, they were left feeling amused. Several fans took to Twitter to express their excitement to watch this soon-to-be iconic scene while also praising Brittany for saying out loud what most of the audience were reportedly thinking about Matt. A fan tweeted, "That little preview of Matt saying he’ll call the cops on Brittany for confronting him about cheating on her, and her calling him a p**** prima Donna a** b**** is exactly how i needed to start my Monday morning #iloveamamasboy." "Saw a preview for next week’s #iloveamamasboy. Brittany calls Matt a “p****-a** b**** prima donna.” God , I love that girl!" declared a fan. Another fan wrote, "YESSSS @brittytayy!! “P****-a** prima-donna b****!” Love it! I’m shocked they didn’t bleep any of this out! I can’t wait to see this whole segment play out now! #iloveamamasboy." "Currently living for the preview of next week's #iloveamamasboy of Brittany calling Matt a p**** a** prima donna b****," added a fan. 





'I Love A Mama's Boy' star Brittany (TLC)
'I Love A Mama's Boy' star Brittany (TLC)

Another fan shared, "P**** a** prima donna b****! Oh Brittany you nailed it. Can anyone really see Matt being a step-father to two teenagers when he acts like he is 8? #Quitpouting #iloveamamasboy." "I have never heard a more accurate description of Matt than Brittany just gave in the preview for next week. #iloveamamasboy," observed another fan. "Brittany stole the show by calling Matt a p**** a** prima donna b**** what I’ve been saying every Sunday since season 1. She said it nicer than what I’ve been saying #iloveamamasboy," seconded a fan. "BRITTANY SAYING WHAT WE ALL WANT TO IN THAT SNEAK PEEK OF NEXT WEEK! @brittytayy #iloveamamasboy," expressed another fan.





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