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'I Know This Much Is True' Episode 3: 'Liar' Joy is enemy number 1 as fans are shocked by cliffhanger ending

Ruffalo takes us inside the mind of Thomas who believes in a non-existing 'cooperation' as his illness (paranoid schizophrenia) takes over his mind
Mark Ruffalo (HBO)
Mark Ruffalo (HBO)

Spoiler for 'I Know This Much Is True' Episode 3

This episode was the most gut-wrenching one since the premiere as we see Dominick's (Mark Ruffalo) story unfold with two women - his ex-wife  Dessa Constantine (Kathryn Hahn) and his now (hopefully, ex) girlfriend Joy Hanks (Imogen Poots). The series used Dominick's present life to paint us a picture of his time with Dessa showing us the beginning and the end of the relationship. It's safe to say that Joy is enemy number 1 in the series right now, but Mark Ruffalo's performance had everyone in tears. While the episode was an intense rollercoaster - the ending had everyone shocked. 

"OK this is official that saddest episode yet #IKnowThisMuchIsTrue #HBOCAMay20 #SundayMotivationMay20," tweeted one fan.

The episode took us back to two timelines - the twins as kids and as college students. As kids we're shown the guilt Dominick felt about lying about a fellow classmate - one that ended up dead (through no fault of the twins) - bringing us to Dominick's point of how his brother Thomas (also Ruffalo) always reminded him of what he did wrong. We are also taken back in time when the twins were in college - how Dominick had met Dessa, the man that Thomas grew up to be and how he became a heavy 'anchor' for Dominick.  

Then in the present narrative, Ruffalo's portrayal of both the brothers displayed intense skill. Ruffalo's portrayal of Thomas, up to date has been amazing, but this episode took the cake. From the tears to the type of dialogues that seemed to have been hard to deliver, Ruffalo takes us inside the mind of Thomas who believes in a non-existing 'cooperation' as his illness (paranoid schizophrenia) takes over his mind. "What layered acting," tweeted one fan, "Give Mark Ruffalo all the awards now! #IKnowThisMuchIsTrue" 

Another tweeted, "Thanks @MarkRuffalo for gettin me right in the feels every Sunday . I love you  . You’re phenomenal #IKnowThisMuchIsTrue #HBO"

While dealing with his brother, Dominick finds Joy back in his apartment with some interesting news - she's pregnant. To which he replied, "You're sure I'm the father' after which he pays a visit to his ex-wife's house. "Joy you're a liar!" said one fan with many commenting, 'I knew it' making Joy the first official enemy in the show. "Dominick YOU DON'T NEED JOY," tweeted one fan, while another said, "Tell her to get going NOW" #iktmit #IKnowThisMuchIsTrue #HBO" Dominick interestingly enough did not reveal to Joy what he knew.

The ending was a flashback that present Dominick was thinking about; he had had a vasectomy when Dessa had come back from her trip, years ago. Dessa was upset as she wanted another child after they had lost one while that hinted at why their relationship ended in divorce and it also indicates that Joy cheated on Dominick and was now pregnant with another man's baby. Something, Dominick knew that's why he had decided to take a harsh drive with booze and cigarettes. The episode ends with Dominick ramming into a tree after having fallen asleep at the wheel thinking about his time with Dessa. "IT DID NOT JUST END LIKE THAT #IKTMIT," tweeted one fan.  

'You're really gonna leave us on that cliffhanger!!? #IKnowThisMuchIsTrue #HBO" tweeted another fan.

'I Know This Much Is True' airs on Sundays at 9 pm EST on HBO.