Morrissey's 'I Am Not a Dog on a Chain' draws mixed reactions, but fans are calling it 'entertaining music'

Morrissey has released his latest album 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain' and fans are defending the controversial singer's work

                            Morrissey's 'I Am Not a Dog on a Chain' draws mixed reactions, but fans are calling it 'entertaining music'
Morrissey (Ilya S Savenok/Getty Images)

Morrissey has released his new album 'I Am Not a Dog on a Chain' on March 20, and so far it is looking to be one of his most prominent yet.

The new album follows his 'California Sun' record which released in May last year. Although both albums received mixed reviews, the former Smiths lead vocalist has a keen fanbase who support 'I Am Not a Dog on a Chain' with numerous positively-charged comments on Twitter.

As many would be aware, Morrissey hasn't been one to steer away from the spotlight of trouble. The 60-year-old singer made headlines aplenty with each controversy he has supported, initiated and sometimes, quite simply, climbed on. Whether it was for publicity or to be the voice of reason, only Morrissey will know at this point.

If one has deemed the outspoken singer's voice as being out of place or offensive, then that is up to you, although Morrissey's fans on Twitter would beg to differ. We recommend a read on some of the controversies surrounding him here.

"Thank you for the music. Legend" a fan said of the new album. One fan spoke on the album's opening track: "On repeat since yesterday! This new album is GREAT! Track 'Jim Jim Falls' is very addictive. Very happy that Morrissey is still releasing very entertaining music."

One fan said Morrissey has "an ageless voice" while another said, "Love to see Moz is releasing albums regularly".

Morrissey is a supporter of the far-right political party For Britain and Morrissey's album announcement on Twitter got a few unwelcoming comments as well.

"You should have called it I am a racist," a Twitter user commented while another user says "Not now Morrissey (sic)". One fan responded to the Morrissey-bashing with "Great LP. Interesting that the haters, haven't/won't listen? The caring, compassionate 'left' really are Hateful, aren't you..."

One fan recited the second verse from the album's lead track calling them "epic", which are "I am not a dog on a chain. I use my own brain. I do not read newspapers. They are troublemakers. Listen out for what's not shown to you. And there you'll find the truth. For in a civilized and careful way. They'll sculpture all your views."

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