'I am Jazz' fans think Jeanette Jennings is an overbearing parent

Jazz is all set to move to Harvard but her mother is still not ready to let her go

                            'I am Jazz' fans think Jeanette Jennings is an overbearing parent
Jazz Jennings from 'I am Jazz' (TLC)

On the recent episode of 'I am Jazz', Jazz's friend, Raymond, heads over to meet Jazz before she sets off for college life at Harvard. Although Jazz is beyond excited and thinks she is ready, that is not the reality. 

On the contrary, when Jeanette (Jazz's mom) asks Raymond what he thinks, he opens up saying that he has no clue what's in store for Jazz and is genuinely worried. This could probably be because Jazz is definitely not prepared to experience a social setting, since she has taken gap years for a while now. Having said that, being a transgender woman in her 20s and living with depression is no joke. 


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In addition, it doesn't help one bit that Jeanette has been an overly concerned and overbearing mother throughout, thereby not letting Jazz experience anything by herself.

Here's what fans think about the recent episode of 'I am Jazz'. 

One fan said, "Jeannette is such a helicopter parent. It’s actually scary at this point. I understand wanting to protect your child but this is too much #iamjazz", while another shared, "Then send her ass to a community college for the first year to see if she can handle it. #IAmJazz".

One fan tweeted, "The only two things this mother cares about is this reality show & Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard to tell the folks at the country club that my daughter goes to Harvard Harvard ! #IAmJazz", while another said, "This whole family needs a team of psychiatrists ! #IAmJazz".









One fan said, "Jazz can't make a big-time entrance into Harvard! Instead, she should slowly adjust to life there! #IAmJazz", while another shared, "I wonder how many time Harvard folks are going to have to explain FERPA to Jazz’s overbearing mom #IAmJazz".

One fan tweeted, "It's painful how much this family tries too hard #IAmJazz".





Stay tuned for the season finale of 'I am Jazz' on Tuesday, at 9 pm ET, on TLC.

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