Who is VeZK? Verified Spotify artist 'steals', discredits BTS Jungkook's 'Still With You' and Jin's 'Abyss'

Who is VeZK? Verified Spotify artist 'steals', discredits BTS Jungkook's 'Still With You' and Jin's 'Abyss'
Jin's 'Abyss' and Jungkook's 'Still With You' were stolen and uploaded in a Spotify account (Big Hit Entertainment)

A Spotify artist whose profile comes with the verified sign has ‘stolen’ Jungkook’s ‘Still with You’ and Jin’s ‘Abyss’ and the BTS ARMY is trying to reach out to Big Hit Music to take the songs down from the account. Both the songs ‘Still With You’ and ‘Abyss’ were released last year and available only on Sound Cloud and YouTube, But the artist named Vezk has added it to his playlist and already got over 66,555 streaming sessions from ‘Still With you.’

BTS’ youngest vocalist Jungkook explained last year why he made the song ‘Still with You’ and dedicated it to ARMY. The Billboard Hot 100 topper said that he wanted to genuinely convey his feelings toward the multitudes through a song which is why he made the song with the help of music producer Pdogg. BTS’ Jin also dropped a solo surprise with the song ‘Abyss’ in December and later revealed that he wrote the song when he was ‘feeling down.’


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Screengrab of VeZk Spotify account

Who is VeZk?

The artist who hijacked both the BTS artists’ songs has a number of tracks that are taken from other accounts. Further, it seems like the account has been verified by Spotify in an error as the playlist doesn’t have original songs of the artists' name and the playlist is curated with borrowed music. The account has 151,515 monthly listeners and over 66,555 streams came from 'Still With You'.

BTS ARMY took to Twitter to notify Big Hit label Entertainment, as well as Spotify Cares to take due action regarding the artists’ song being added to a playlist without permission. A fan base wrote, “Hello, if you can please take the time to email @BigHitEnt & @SpotifyCares regarding the misappropriation of Jungkook’s Still With You and Jin’s Abyss by the Spotify profile under the name veZk. Thank you!” Another one added, “A Verified Artist under the name of "veZK" has Stolen and discrediting BTS Jungkook's Song "Still With You" and uploaded it on his Spotify account. Please take a look on this situation. And take an action to it to protect your artist hard work. TY!”





Jungkook recently gifted another surprise to BTS ARMY by unveiling his secret talent as a drummer. The Grammy-nominated group performed in a pre-Grammy Music on a Mission MusiCares event where blue haired drummer Jungkook stole everyone's heart by putting on a rock fest through 'Dynamite'. Watch the performance here.


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