‘Hunters’ Episode 9: Greg Austin does wonders in his portrayal of stone-cold Travis Leich

‘Hunters’ Episode 9: Greg Austin does wonders in his portrayal of stone-cold Travis Leich
Greg Austin in 'Hunters' (Amazon Prime)

Travis Leich might not look like a lead character when we focus at the overarching plot of the ‘Nazi Hunters’, but he is one of the most important people that drives the entire journey forward. Travis is indispensable, if one needs to fully understand the essence of what’s going on underneath the main storyline. In the initial episodes, Travis appears as a mere 'cleaner or the 'errand boy' who does the legwork for the Nazis across America. You would even believe that’s all he is going to be. And then he surprises you!

The 'cleaner' becomes the warrior that Hitler would have been proud of. But he isn’t like those officers from the war days. He is the quintessential, all-white American youth, brainwashed by the principles of fascism. But what takes us with surprise every time, is his composure. Each time we see him killing someone or following his Colonel’s orders, he doesn’t do it with violence. He sails through his assignments, as if he’s walking through a park. And then he sings too!

For instance, that particular scene when he starts firing at Meyer Offerman, Lonny Flash, and Roxy, while singing away and bombing Meyer’s car. Another scene that impresses us is the one where he kills the Colonel's son while singing 'Moonlight' in an operatic voice.


And then in Episode 9 when he delivers that monologue on justifying his race, he hits the ball right out of the park.

This is a character you would never forget. And this wouldn’t have been possible without the man behind it— Greg Austin.

Meet this British actor and former dancer, who has had made many appearances on BBC shows. In his first Hollywood project, Austin made a mark with his performance and left us glued to his character’s journey. With his impeccable expressions, body language, and stone-cold portrayal of a ruthless Nazi, he has proved his mettle. After such an award-worthy performance in ‘Hunters’, Greg Austin will surely remain a name to watch out for!

Catch the young actor in action on ‘Hunters’, streaming on Amazon.


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