Hunter Biden targeted by sick trolls over naked laptop photos on Joe Biden inauguration day: ‘Turns my stomach’

Hunter Biden targeted by sick trolls over naked laptop photos on Joe Biden inauguration day: ‘Turns my stomach’
Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen at Joe Biden inauguration (CNN)

Where is Hunter Biden? That was the number one question on many minds as President-elect Joe Biden made his way to the inauguration ceremony. The 50-year-old, who has been under federal investigation, was spotted at the Capitol on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, for his father's inauguration ceremony.

According to reports, the younger Biden entered through the Senate carriage entrance, accompanied by his wife Melissa Cohen and his son. "All good," he told a reporter asking for his thoughts about the day. Here's a video of Hunter Biden entering at the inauguration:




"To all those asking where Hunter Biden is. I just saw him. He is at the inauguration of his father. #WheresHunter," one tweet read and another said, "And Hunter Biden with his baby in an adorable outfit." A third tweet read, "I am watching it to see if anything happens. Hunter Biden is there and all the democrats and some of the past presidents. Clinton, Bush, Obama."


Soon, trolls targeted him and many tweets looked back to those alleged naked pictures that were leaked amid the laptop scandal. "Seeing Hunter Biden at the inauguration makes me want to yack. A literal threat to our country standing on the steps of our Capitol," one tweet read and another said, "Hope he puts on some clothes. Every picture I've ever seen of Hunter Biden are buck naked with everything Mother Nature blessed him with swinging in the wind!!"

Looking back at the scandal, one tweet read, "The @FBI needs to answer why #Hunterbiden, whose laptop the @FBI possesses and is littered with incestuous child pornography starring the scumbag himself, can be allowed to walk down the Capitol steps untouched? How can you look away from what we’ve all seen? #Inauguration." A third said, "Makes me want to puke seeing Hunter Biden on the Capitol Stage. The complete media cover-up. Naked photos with little girls. Methed out with no teeth. Daddy Biden flying him around the world on AF1."

One posted, "Hunter Biden turns my stomach. I’ve seen two pictures from his laptop and I seriously wanted to throw up, yet The Big Man is proud of his son. I would be so ashamed..." And another said, "Hunter is now thinking about how much more money he can scam from overseas Have to love the Biden family get to make you get to make money...son you get to make money...:)."






Amid all the negativity on social media, Biden and Kamala Harris arrived at the US Capitol to take oath as the President and Vice-President of the United States of America. Harris will be the first Black person and the first woman to serve as vice president.

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