Hulu 'Candy' Episode 4 Review: A Justin Timberlake cameo and Candy's confession sets up gripping finale

Hulu 'Candy' Episode 4 Review: A Justin Timberlake cameo and Candy's confession sets up gripping finale
Jessica Biel as Candace Montgomery in 'Candy' (Hulu)

It was inevitable. Candace Montgomery's futile attempts to evade the law were something she was aware of, and Hulu's 'Candy' captures it in graphic detail in Episode 4. The penultimate chapter focuses on her confession to her attorney Don Crowder (Raúl Esparza) where she admits to striking Betty Gore 41 times with the ax but was more of an act of self-defense. In addition, there are also those unspoken uneasy feelings between Pat (Timothy Simons) and his wife, who he's having his doubts on.

Pat realizes that Candy (Jessica Biel) had an affair with Allan (Pablo Schreiber) when he finds a card from the latter. He blames himself for putting the distance between the two of them that's led to Candy's infidelity, and after seemingly making up, he ends up discovering the cut-up slippers after the news reveals a shoe pattern. Pat even attempts to strike a chopped tree 41 times with an ax to see if his wife was physically capable of the act, and smiles in the contention that his wife was not the murderer. If only he knew?


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There's that Justin Timberlake cameo as well as Deputy Steve Deffibaugh. With an 80s stache and a hairstyle to boot the 'Mirrors' singer is all set to play a crucial role as the series hurtles to a gripping finish. Much of the episode deals with the anguish and the guilt that Candy experiences after new developments come up every single day. Her life takes a turn for the worse when she realizes how the death impacts the Gore family, even as hers rebuilds.

The focus will probably be on the trial in the finale, where the eventual acquittal comes to light. Perhaps, the series may even explain the present status of the Gores and the Montgomerys, something that's equally lesser-known as the lives of these people as shown in the series. All said and done, 'Candy' has been a miniseries worth tuning into.

'Candy' Episodes 1-4 are currently streaming on Hulu.

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