Is Wolverine joining the Marvel movies? Hugh Jackman's cryptic post has fans stoked

Though Hugh Jackman's Wolverine has always been an X-Men character owned by FOX, he could be a part of Marvel since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox

                            Is Wolverine joining the Marvel movies? Hugh Jackman's cryptic post has fans stoked
Hugh Jackman and Wolverine fan art (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images/ Instagram @bosslogic)

Marvel is always looking forward to expanding its ever-growing universe and it now looks like they might hire Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine for one last time. The Australian biggie, who played the fictional character for 20 years, hung up his boots for good in 2017’s ‘Logan’. However, Jackman’s recent Instagram stories have again sparked rumors of his comeback and him joining the coveted Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The 52-year-old actor shared multiple Instagram stories and sent his loyal fans into a tizzy. The hashtag ‘Wolverine’ was then soon trending on Twitter as many optimistic social media users believed that Jackman might finally return to take his claws out for one last time. Even though Wolverine has always been an X-Men character owned by FOX, there are chances of him being a part of Marvel’s multi-verse after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019. Currently, Marvel has been playing with the concept of multiverses in their latest TV series ‘Loki’. Sticking to the same formula, MCU will also be releasing ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ and ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’

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Is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine joining the MCU?

Jackman took to his Instagram account and first shared a fan art made by Boss Logic aka Kode Abdo, who is a renowned graphic artist from Australia. The story, which is no longer available right now, was taken from Boss Logic’s Instagram which showed the apt comic depiction of Wolverine. The fan art shows a Wolverine hand with its claws out. In another story, the ‘Les Miserables’ star shared a picture with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who is also a producer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise since 2007.

According to Screen Rant, Feige at SDCC 2019 had confirmed that X-Men would eventually be introduced to the MCU. Interestingly, Jackman had expressed his interest in portraying Wolverine for the MCU back in 2017, as reported by Screen Rant. He had said that if the X-Men were to be introduced in the MCU, he would continue playing Wolverine.


‘Just one more Wolverine movie please I’m begging’

Hugh Jackman’s fans did not waste any time to express their excitement as they rushed to Twitter to speak about him returning as Wolverine. One user stated, “Imma just say: if they wanna bring back Hugh as Wolverine for… anything. I’m down. Honestly, that guy gets the character better than anyone.” One posted, “Hugh Jackman is 52 and played Wolverine for like 20 years in a franchise so far away from the MCU, I’m not sure why people think he’d be brought back to be *THE* Wolverine in the current marvel cinematic universe.”
One user spoke about the fan art the actor shared by saying, “Hugh in a comic accurate wolverine costume that he always wanted.” Whereas one tweeted, “If we’re getting a new Wolverine movie then they just need to go ahead and tell us now.” The next one posted, “Wanna put this out there in case it happens....I don't think it's out of the question Hugh Jackman comes back to play Wolverine for Marvel one more time. He knows what a big deal that is for the character and he cares more about that character than anyone. I wouldn't be shocked.” Meanwhile, one noted, “If Kevin Feige gets Hugh Jackman to come back as Wolverine he may just be a top 5 person all time.” One loyal fan concluded, “Hugh Jackman just one more wolverine movie please i’m begging.”